Content Product Appendix



1.1 This Content Product Appendix forms an integral part of the Sales Order and shall be read in conjunction with such Sales Order and the governing Agreement.


2.1 “Additional Services” means all additional services provided by Bloomreach to Customer other than those included with the Bloomreach Services, limited to integration services, professional consulting service hours and training purchased in the applicable Sales Order, and excludes load/performance testing, and products and services provided on a subscription basis.

2.2 “API” means  any http GET request made to Bloomreach Content product endpoints.

2.3 “Certified Stack(s)” means the software configurations that are required for the Bloomreach Services to be operable as set forth at

2.4 “Contractors” means Customer’s independent contractors and consultants.

2.5 “Page” means a  web page resulting in a single, unique, Page Delivery API call. One Page Delivery API call is made to serve up the whole or part of one site page. 


3.1 Customer will not, directly or indirectly, during, or after a Term: (a) attempt to download or access the Bloomreach Services (other than remote access to functionality of the software provided through the Bloomreach Services), (b) reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover any portion of the Bloomreach Services; (c) remove any proprietary notices or labels; (d) make the Bloomreach Services available to any third party by sublicense, lease, sale, transfer, or any other means, and/or (e) modify or create derivative works based on the Bloomreach Services.

3.2 Customer agrees that it will comply with Certified Stack software configurations.

3.3 Customer agrees that it will: (a) coordinate with Bloomreach following integration to address any service or technical issues, including ensuring that each Domain is functional, accessible to the public and crawlable by search engines and Bloomreach; (b) provide Customer product feeds in the format specified by Bloomreach and as applicable to the Bloomreach Services; (c) use the Bloomreach Services solely to conduct and support its normal business operations; and (d) ensure each Domain will contain a conspicuous privacy policy that complies with all applicable law, that (i) accurately and completely discloses Customer’s privacy and data collection practices, and (ii) clearly discloses that third party service providers may be placing and using cookies on users’ browsers, or using web beacons or other methods to collect information, in the course of providing services. 

3.4 Open Source Software. Except as provided herein, Bloomreach Services do not contain open source software obligating such source code to be made available to third parties. If such disclosure is present, a list of open source software used in the Bloomreach Services can be found at 


4.1 The scope of Additional Services shall be as set forth in a Sales Order for such services, which shall reference the Agreement and describe the work to be performed and any applicable fees.  Customer’s use of Additional Services will be solely for support of the authorized Bloomreach Services outlined in the applicable Sales Order and subject to the terms of the Agreement.