3 Ways To Use Loomi To Power Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Amelia Woolard
Amelia Woolard

The concept of omnichannel marketing suggests that you need to juggle a lot of different marketing platforms to make it work. While omnichannel marketing does involve using various channels to reach your target audience, it shouldn’t require endless platform management.

This is where AI-powered marketing comes in. It helps you maximize results with minimal time and investment. Loomi, Bloomreach’s powerful AI designed for ecommerce, helps your brand leverage the customer data you already have to create impactful, highly personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Loomi has a long list of features that seamlessly integrate with your omnichannel strategy. Keep reading to discover how Loomi can simplify your marketing efforts, address real-world challenges, and deliver tangible results. 

Best Channel Prediction

Like any other marketer, you probably use a lot of marketing channels. But do you know which ones are driving the most profit? Loomi can accurately predict which channel is best suited to engage with every customer. It does this by evaluating your email, SMS/MMS, and mobile push channels to determine which platform is most likely to grab your user’s attention. 

Then, Loomi will help you establish a campaign to be deployed across email, SMS/MMS, or mobile push, depending on which one has the highest probability of an interaction. Once the campaign is set up, Loomi will deploy it to the right channel for each unique customer, improving the chances that they’ll see your campaign and engage with it. 

Let’s say that you’re running a sale on hiking boots. One of your customers consistently opens your emails but is less likely to open your text messages. To reach this customer with news about the sale, you’ll add a best channel prediction condition to your workflow in Bloomreach. Then, Loomi, understanding that your customer prefers to communicate via email, will send the message about the sale to their inbox, where it’s most likely to be opened. 

Loomi AI choosing email over SMS for personalized message

Contextual Personalization 

When you’re a marketer, everything has context. From the very first brand interaction to reaching a shopping milestone or unlocking a new customer loyalty level, you know that every move a customer makes tells a story. By deciphering what’s going on behind every touchpoint, you can learn where your shopper is in the customer journey and what will motivate them to buy. 

Contextual personalization speaks to this. Contextual personalization uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to tailor messages and product recommendations to individual customers in real time. Loomi excels at helping you contextually personalize in several areas, including email conversions, web conversions, and overall profitability. 

Contextual Personalization for Email Conversions

Tracking email engagement rates can be a stressful game for marketing teams. Nothing stings quite like deploying a campaign that you love, only to discover that it missed the mark with your audience. Loomi provides an excellent workaround for this by allowing you to personalize the context of your emails to fit each person’s preferences. 

For example, a beauty retailer might prepare five newsletter variants ahead of the launch of a new lipstick, with each variant promoting a different benefit of the lipstick (like cost, ingredients, and customer reviews). Instead of blindly choosing one variant in hopes that it lands with the customer, Loomi can analyze each shopper’s unique behavior and determine which newsletter is most likely to drive conversions and introduce them to the lead pipeline. Then, Loomi will send out that variation. 

Loomi AI using contextual personalization to pick a messaging variant for lipstick

Contextual Personalization For Web Conversions

A/B testing web banners is crucial, but it can be a time-consuming trial-and-error process, often requiring constant monitoring and analysis to identify the winning combination. Loomi changes that by delivering data-driven insights that get you to the best-performing banner faster.

Loomi uses weblayers to identify which promotions resonate most with your customers across industries. This eliminates the need to choose between offers — run both a free shipping promo and a 30% off sale simultaneously! Loomi personalizes the offers for each customer, maximizing conversions and driving sales.

Contextual Personalization For Profitability

Loomi goes beyond conversions. It prioritizes profitability by selecting the most cost-effective promotion for each customer. This helps your team offer promotions that your customers will love (and take you up on) without eating away at your profit margins. In other words, Loomi helps you close the sale without wasting any unnecessary dollars in the process.

For example, free shipping may not always be the most cost-effective offer for your business. Loomi may identify that you’ll get a higher profit margin by offering a 10% discount instead. With that info in mind, Loomi will offer the 10% off promo to the right customer based on their lifetime value (LTV), so your profits always come out ahead. 

Get an overview of contextual personalization before jumping into a specific aspect: 

Personalized Recommendations

Tired of product recommendations that are hit or miss? Loomi puts an end to mismatched suggestions by using data collected from your customers’ shopping and browsing behavior to recommend products they actually want to buy. 

Loomi achieves this through a two-pronged approach: recommending items based on interaction history with your brand, and cross-selling products that complement items your customer is already buying. 

Personalize Recommendations Based on Purchasing and Browsing History

Customers love to be remembered, especially by brands they like shopping with. Think about it: When you browse your favorite store’s website and see a product you previously admired pop up, you feel like the brand knows you, understands your tastes, and wants to make you happy. This personalized touch increases your trust in the brand and makes you more likely to buy. You might even tell your friends about the positive experience.

Loomi clears a direct path to customer loyalty by remembering shoppers’ favorite items and suggesting them for quick reorders. This not only saves them time but also reminds them of the positive experiences they’ve had with your products, making them more likely to come back for more.

Loomi AI sending personalized replenishment notifications

Loomi can also take a cue from customers’ browsing behavior to nudge them toward a purchase. Let’s say a shopper is browsing wallets. Loomi can suggest a specific style based on their browsing data. To sweeten the deal, you can even offer a limited-time discount to give them the final push they need to complete their checkout. A one-day-only flash sale may be all a shopper needs to bring the wallet home. 

Boost Customer Lifetime Value With Smart Product Recommendations

Fill shoppers’ baskets and make more sales with cross-selling capabilities. Loomi helps you achieve a higher average order value (and greater LTV) by making well-informed product recommendations.

For example, you can suggest a shampoo that works well with a styling product, or a jacket in the same pattern as a hat that’s already in your customer’s cart. Both of these items would make sense for your customer to purchase alongside the original product. 

Loomi AI sending a complementary product recommendation for upsell

Best of all, Loomi can seamlessly integrate these recommendations into the customer journey, so they never feel intrusive. These suggestions will appear at key touchpoints, like the product detail page (PDP), checkout page, or within a post-purchase email. This approach is similar to the “frequently purchased with” sections you’ve seen online but with the added benefit of being tailored to each customer’s specific interests. You can even throw in a limited-time deal, like 10% off for the next 24 hours, to make the cross-sell even more irresistible. 

Level Up Your Omnichannel Marketing With Loomi

Your shoppers leave all kinds of context clues behind when they call, click, and shop with your brand. But manually collecting and analyzing this data can be daunting, even for the most well-equipped marketing teams. 

Fortunately, with Bloomreach Engagement, Loomi goes beyond the guesswork, revealing your audience’s most actionable data points and instantly putting them to work. The result: marketing efforts that work smarter, not harder, so your team can focus on more strategic projects.

Looking to improve your digital marketing strategy with Loomi? Explore more use cases, or if you’re ready to see Loomi in action, request a personalized demo

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