The Power of Customer Data Platforms: Insights From Bloomreach and valantic

Fabian Bologna
Fabian Bologna

The ever-changing landscape of customer experience is leading companies on a relentless quest for the best solutions to engage, retain, and delight their customers. Bloomreach works closely with implementation partner valantic to ensure joint customers receive the most value out of CDP and marketing automation use cases. 

Keep reading as our industry experts shed light on the capabilities of customer data platforms (CDPs) and their indispensable role in modern marketing.

Customer Data Platforms: The Pinnacle of Personalization

It’s common for companies to feel that their data is scattered across platforms, messy, and often redundant. As a result, mining customer data feels like chasing a moving target. This is where a customer data platform shines.

A CDP acts as a central hub, aggregating customer data from various sources into a singular, unified database. Its power lies in its ability to offer a single 360-degree view of the customer, enabling brands to communicate consistently and personally. As brands grapple with an overflow of data due to the recent surge in online retailing, a CDP ensures that the data is not only centralized but actionable.

In this way, a CDP shines by streamlining the data, keeping it in one place, ensuring consistency, and making personalization a breeze.

The Role of CDPs in Breaking Down Data Silos

The paramount importance of breaking down data silos cannot be overstated. Regardless of the channel each customer interacts with, every touchpoint needs to work with one another to create a harmonious customer experience.

In reality, brands often operate in silos, with departments like marketing, sales, and customer service having disparate views of the customer. This leads to fragmented communication, diluting the brand message and confusing the customer. CDPs play an important role in breaking down these silos, ensuring a seamless and consistent customer experience.

Moreover, many businesses experience the pitfalls of CRM limitations, especially when data needs to be transferred to marketing. Bloomreach Engagement triumphs over this by centralizing data and making it accessible (in real time!), allowing marketers to wield their strategies with precision.

While working with customers to implement Bloomreach Engagement, valantic lives digitization every day by refining digital architectures end to end and providing a 360-degree customer experience approach. valantic specifically helps Bloomreach Engagement customers offer memorable digital experiences in basically no time as they embed seamlessly into the broader digital front-office transformation.

Why Bloomreach and valantic Are a Cut Above the Rest 

While Bloomreach takes the data collection and marketing automation game to the next level for several reasons, implementation partners like valantic consider the broader range of the seemingly endless opportunities to come with those capabilities.

Consensual at Every Step of the Journey 

Platform Flexibility and Comprehensive Customer Profiling 

Open API Framework

 Real-Time Data Capabilities


The Future Is Personal 

Bloomreach, with its advanced AI and prediction tools, enables brands to ascertain the best marketing channels for specific customers. It can calculate optimal send times for campaigns, offering insights into customer lifetime value, average basket value, number of purchases, and more. This can pave the way for targeted strategies, ensuring brands connect more authentically with their audience.

After all, personalization in business isn’t just about addressing someone by their first name. It’s about understanding their needs, anticipating their wants, and being there at the right time with the right offer. With Bloomreach Engagement, businesses are more equipped than ever to offer that personal touch.

Together, Bloomreach and valantic understand the significance of a holistic approach in today’s data-driven age. We work together so that brands can not only centralize data but make it actionable, delivering what customers truly desire: personalized and consistent experiences.

As businesses venture into an increasingly competitive market, tools like CDPs become not just an advantage but a necessity. The future belongs to brands that understand, anticipate, and fulfill their customers’ needs in real time, and with Bloomreach and valantic’s expertise, this future is not only attainable but brighter than ever.

Learn more about working with Bloomreach Engagement and the benefit of being a joint customer with Bloomreach and valantic.


Fabian Bologna

Customer Engagement Manager and Consultant, valantic CX

Fabian combines strategic consulting in customer engagement technologies with the creation of marketing content that spans the entire B2B customer lifecycle. Before joining valantic, he gained experience at a leading media holding company, strategically advising a wide array of brands. Now, he channels his expertise into crafting compelling storylines for client presentations and supports the digital transformation of businesses through innovative customer engagement and holistic CRM.

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