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Dominik Pribyla
Dominik Pribyla

You’ve got big goals — you want to increase sales, conversions, and conversations about your retail business. And for your business to grow, you need to deploy big projects that highlight your company’s strengths and differentiators.

Unfortunately, managing large-scale projects can be easier said than done. For one, larger projects can pose more challenges. Plus, your success isn’t riding on simply delivering results — you must also keep your customer data secure and your operations lean and efficient. 

Bloomreach Engagement is an ideal project management partner. We’re excited to announce several new platform features that make Engagement even more robust and ideal for large-scale projects that require security and efficiency.

Read on to discover why it’s important to work with efficiency and security in mind, and how Engagement’s new features make it easier to deploy and reap the benefits of large-scale projects.

Why Security and Efficiency Matter to Large-Scale Project Management

When planning new marketing campaigns, most people look forward to deploying a beautiful landing page, a creative email sequence, and short-form social media videos.

What may not immediately cross your mind is the need for appropriate data security and general efficiency. Overlooking these key considerations, however, will result in a campaign that is less effective and harder to quantify. Additionally, you’ll expose critical customer data to outside parties and make the project so clunky that no one wants to work on it. 

Data Security Protects Your Customers and Your Business

Data security is a particular concern as we approach 2024. Data breaches affected over 422 million people in 2022, with over 1,800 reported breaches. 

Protecting customer data is essential when dealing with a large database of customer information. Otherwise, you’ll leave sensitive customer data open to outside interference, which will end up hurting your reputation with customers. 65% of data breach victims report losing trust in organizations that expose their personal information. Plus, they’re likely to tell all of their friends about the incident. Suddenly, you’re faced with both a PR crisis and serious security concerns.

Efficiency Saves Time and Money

Efficiently organizing and accessing project data is just as important as any other component when managing large projects. To be successful, you’ll need to be agile. Your team must be able to quickly access information, track progress, and make data-driven decisions, so you can keep up the pace and stay ahead of your competition.

Efficiency can also save you money. It’s estimated that inefficient processes cost companies 20-30% of their annual revenue every year. Emphasizing efficiency not only streamlines project management but also contributes to cost savings, positively impacting your marketing ROI.

Introducing Five Exciting New Features

At Bloomreach, we recognize the significance of safeguarding customer data and optimizing project organization for seamless data access. We’ve added several new features to our Engagement platform that will address these challenges, so you can continue to seamlessly grow your ecommerce business. 

User Groups

User groups feature in Bloomreach Engagement

If you collaborate with team members or external agencies on projects, you’ve likely encountered your fair share of user access challenges. Accidental changes or unintended overlaps can cause errors or drops in campaign performance. 

Managing access and preventing errors or suspicious behavior is made easier with our new user groups feature. User groups allow you to control access to specific areas of your application, such as scenarios and segmentations. 

Account admins can assign users to appropriate groups, so you can prevent unwanted changes and deter malicious activities. You can also provide user access for multiple groups, making cross-collaboration even easier. Learn more about user groups.

Single Sign-on With Authorization

Single sign-on with authorization in Bloomreach Engagement

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method that allows users to securely access multiple applications with a single set of credentials. In the ecommerce world, SSO can be used to allow customers to log in to multiple websites or applications with a single username and password.

SSO can also expedite the checkout process. When customers don’t have to jump through multiple hoops to make a purchase, they’re less likely to abandon carts. SSO reduces the number of password requests sent to your business, and it also adds a level of security to the interaction, since SSO uses encryption to protect user passwords. 

SSO capabilities are table stakes for retail businesses these days, and Bloomreach Engagement has made it easier to embrace SSO for extra security and fewer abandoned carts. Now, Engagement allows you to manage user roles through identity providers like Azure Active Directory and Okta. This streamlined process eliminates the need for invitation emails, making onboarding new team members more efficient. Discover more about SSO with authorization.

App Users Management

App users management in Bloomreach Engagement

When working on a large-scale project, it’s helpful for managers to know which team members have access to which tasks. Additionally, should any security incidents arise, you’ll want your leaders to be able to shut down any questionable activity without disrupting the larger workflow. 

Bloomreach Engagement’s app users management update empowers teams to efficiently manage user accounts. Take advantage of a wealth of user information at your fingertips, like project access, last login method, last login time, and assigned roles. 

Additionally, this feature heightens account security and speeds up incident response times. If you suspect fraudulent access or other malicious activity, admin-level users can block suspicious users, terminate ongoing sessions, and force password changes. Get more details about how this feature works.

Application Tag Management

Application tag management feature in Bloomreach Engagement

Tags are extremely helpful when working on a large-scale project that involves multiple users since they can keep your team organized and minimize confusion. And because they are highly customizable, teams can create tags for just about anything, including product type, date, intended audience, and much more. 

Bloomreach Engagement’s enhanced application tag management feature makes it easier and more efficient to manage scenarios, campaigns, assets, and reports. Furthermore, by allowing teams to custom tag their projects, productivity and project clarity are improved, as well as collaboration and accountability among team members.

With this feature, admin users can manage tags at the project level, making it easier to find what you need quickly. Users can also rename tags, merge tags, change tag colors, and access information about assets with specific tags. Explore the benefits here.

Account-Level Reporting

Account-level reporting in Bloomreach Engagement

Dashboards are your best friend when working on a large-scale project. Using a multi-project dashboard can make the process flow even more smoothly. Multi-project dashboards provide a single view of multiple projects in progress and can track KPIs such as budget, schedule, and completion status.

We’re excited to provide account-level reporting across one multi-project dashboard. Instead of looking at several dashboards to piece together what’s happening with various projects, Bloomreach Engagement will aggregate data across all projects into one comprehensive dashboard. It’s an invaluable resource for multi-brand, multi-region, and multi-language customers. 

This feature is currently in the closed beta phase. If you’re interested in participating, please contact your Bloomreach Customer Support Manager.

Discover the Possibilities of Bloomreach Engagement’s Latest Features

Bloomreach Engagement’s latest features are designed to boost security and efficiency in large-scale project management. These tools provide administrators with greater control over user access, protecting your organization from data breaches and malicious actions. Additionally, managers can access consolidated business data, which enhances project organization and data accessibility.

Upgrade your project management game with these valuable features. For more details, please refer to the full release notes.


Dominik Pribyla

Product Marketing Manager

Dominik is a Product Marketing Manager whose goal is to empower the whole company to communicate our products to the right people with the right messaging strategies. He has a background as a power user of Bloomreach Engagement, managing multiple business projects that delivered millions in annual revenue. He used to work on getting the most amount of value from Bloomreach software, and now he wants to help others see the business value he has seen firsthand.

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