Why is Security Such a Barrier to CDP Purchases?

Carl Bleich
Carl Bleich

Author’s note: You’ve done all of your research, spent hours going through different options, seen an amazing demo, and are finally ready to purchase your customer data platform. But one last step looms…final approval. Make sure that you are armed with information you need to prove that your CDP is safe and secure. This is the sixth article in Bloomreach’s series “Don’t panic: A marketer’s guide to customer data security”. This series will help educate marketers on why security is so important right now and give them the proper tools to help ease the nerves of risk-averse colleagues who may not fully understand the benefits of a CDP.

Security concerns are often the reason that marketers find themselves in lengthy discussions late in the sales process educating their colleagues about the importance of a customer data platform.

Why? Because non-marketers often have worries surrounding security and SaaS solutions.

Whether it’s your company’s Chief Information Security Officer, IT Team members, or Data Protection Officer, there are often key stakeholders who might be apprehensive to adopt a customer data platform because of the required responsibility relating to customer data that comes with it.

How can you as a marketer go about facilitating a conversation that helps ease their nerves and gets you the CDP that you need?

Let’s find out. 

Why the Concerns? 

First, it’s important for marketers to understand that their non-marketing colleagues should not be viewed as the actual barrier to CDP adaptation. You will need to work together with these colleagues once the CDP is purchased and there’s no better time to start that process than the latter stages of the sales cycle.

View the situation as an opportunity to see things from their point of view, educate them on your point of view, and help them find the answers they need to their questions about security.

Start by seeing what they might see: a new software platform that might expose the company to potential breaches or incidents and a slew of laws that now must be closely followed. The CDP is also a platform they won’t work with daily, so it might be difficult for some to factor its true value into this equation.

Or maybe, there’s just a general lack of knowledge and a bit of unnecessary fear.

It’s no secret that GDPR fines have skyrocketed lately. However, it is less well known that GDPR compliance can be achieved with proper staff training and a secure software.

It is important to listen to these opposing views and understand any specific concerns.  As you know, the benefits of a good CDP are nearly endless for marketers. That’s why understanding where your colleagues’ concerns come from and helping to mitigate them is so important. 

Help Me Get My CDP!

Alright, enough of the opposing opinion. How can you convince them that a customer data platform is safe, secure, and won’t cause the problems many people think it will?

While we can’t speak for other CDPs, this is very easy to do with Bloomreach’s Customer Data and Experience Platform.

As the world’s first GDPR certified SaaS company, Bloomreach has made a commitment to security that few other SaaS companies have. We strive to be transparent about how we protect our clients’ data and this has resulted in security and privacy being the highest priority for us in our day-to-day functions.

For any worries about potential breaches or incidents, Bloomreach’s commitment to security can be seen through our security certifications that we currently hold.

Every Bloomreach employee is an essential part of the defense against security breaches. This includes Bloomreach’s developers, who receive instructions on clean coding and other important security-related information during their ongoing training.

In regards to concerns about staff training and compliance, Bloomreach can help there as well. The Bloomreach Academy features a “GDPR Best Practices” course that covers the basics of GDPR, customer data rights, and many other important topics. Having a detailed understanding of the law is the best way to stay compliant with it.

“Security is not something that should stop someone from buying Bloomreach,” said Lenka Gondova, Data Protection Officer for Bloomreach. “The certifications we have and tools we have (like SmartSecure) provide our clients with assurance that our product is developed and maintained with privacy and security in mind. You can benefit from the value of Bloomreach while trusting that you have selected a reliable vendor.”

In the face of potential security vulnerabilities,  is always improving the platform’s security measures and updating with the newest cybersecurity innovations. We are constantly one step ahead of evolving data and regulatory frameworks. 

Bloomreach Breaks Down Barriers and Facilitates Marketing Magic

Bloomreach has more security features and commitments that cover more specific situations. No matter your company’s situation with customer data, Bloomreach’s CDXP is well-equipped to securely turn your customer data into comprehensive marketing automation strategies that drive revenue. 

Now that you have the information you need to know that the CDXP is safe and secure, watch our short demo video to see the platform in action. If you’re interested in learning more about data privacy and security, Bloomreach Academy’s Privacy Fundamentals course is the deep dive you need to master the topic and become an expert.

Don’t let misconceptions about security be a barrier to marketing magic.


Carl Bleich

Head of Content at Bloomreach

Carl works with Bloomreach professionals to produce valuable, customer-centric content. A trusted expert with over 15 years of experience, Carl loves exploring unique ways to turn problems into solutions within digital commerce. Read more from Carl here.

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