Real-Time Segments: A Game-Changer for Merchandisers and Marketers

Nuno Barreto
Nuno Barreto

In today’s fiercely competitive retail landscape, merchandisers and marketers face the constant challenge of creating personalized and engaging shopping experiences that drive customer satisfaction, sales growth, and brand loyalty. While traditional approaches to personalization have relied on static segmentation methods, a revolutionary tool has emerged to transform the way businesses interact with their customers: real-time segments.

The real-time segments feature is powered by Bloomreach Discovery and Bloomreach Engagement, and harnesses real-time customer data to personalize product discovery and merchandising strategies at scale. This is made possible by Loomi, Bloomreach’s commerce-focused AI, which leverages demographic, behavioral, and contextual data to tailor product recommendations and merchandising strategies to individual customer preferences — all in real time.

AI-powered search showing different coats based on location data

Unlocking Revenue Growth With Real-Time Segments

The impact of real-time segments on revenue growth is undeniable. Our customers across diverse industries have witnessed an average 12% increase in revenue per visitor, with some cases demonstrating an impressive boost of over 30%. This remarkable growth stems from the ability of real-time segments to guide customers to the products they’re most likely to purchase, leading to increased conversion rates and higher average order values.

Here are some of the things you can achieve with real-time segments: 

  • Deliver a truly personalized omnichannel experience that resonates with each customer’s unique preferences
  • Increase sales and conversions by tailoring product discovery and merchandising strategies to individual customer needs
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by delivering an exceptional personalized experience that fosters repeat visits and brand advocacy
  • Make informed marketing and merchandising decisions based on real-time customer data, maximizing the effectiveness of every campaign and initiative

Let’s explore these benefits in more detail. 

A Holistic Approach to Personalized Commerce

While revenue per visitor is a crucial metric, the impact of real-time segments extends beyond financial gains and results in greater customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. By delivering a personalized and relevant shopping experience, you can foster stronger customer relationships, leading to repeat visits and brand advocacy.

Easy Implementation With a Comprehensive Support System

Bloomreach is committed to providing merchandisers and marketers with the resources and support they need to successfully implement and optimize real-time segments. We offer a comprehensive free Bloomreach Academy course that guides users through the process of creating and utilizing real-time segments effectively. Additionally, our experienced teams are readily available to assist with segmentation design and implementation (including a series of segmentation workshops), ensuring that you can maximize the value of this powerful feature.

Bloomreach Academy course on real-time segments

Access to Prebuilt Segmentations for Industry-Specific Success

To further simplify the implementation process, we’ve developed a Plug & Play Library that provides prebuilt segmentations tailored to various industries. These prebuilt segmentations incorporate best practices and insights from different industries, allowing you to leverage proven strategies and achieve optimal results without the need for extensive customization.

A Path to True Personalization

Our real-time segments feature equips you with the power to create unique and engaging shopping experiences that drive customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and brand loyalty. With our comprehensive support system and industry-specific Plug & Play segmentations, we’re committed to helping merchandisers and marketers like you achieve remarkable success with this transformative feature.

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Embrace the Future of Personalized Commerce

Join the ranks of forward-thinking merchandisers and marketers who are embracing real-time segments to revolutionize their personalized commerce strategies. Stand out from the competition by delivering a personalized experience that not only drives conversions but also keeps your customers coming back again and again. 

Ready to get started? Check out our documentation to learn more.


Nuno Barreto

Product Manager at Bloomreach

In his role as Product Manager at Bloomreach, Nuno is responsible for the personalization cross-pillar products, including real-time segments, which allows customers to personalize their web shopping experience. 


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