MALL.CZ’s Astounding Personalized Video Campaign with Bloomreach

Carl Bleich
Carl Bleich

​Bloomreach Engagement is a platform that is capable of almost anything in the realm of marketing automation.

It turns complicated tasks into simple ones and makes difficult campaigns easy with its capabilities.

Bloomreach Engagement gives its users control: from things as basic as a weekly newsletter to campaigns that must accomplish a level of magnificence rarely seen in order to achieve lofty brand awareness and conversion goals.

A prime example of the latter? MALL.CZ’s personalized video campaign that sent 20,000 personalized videos to a specifically-targeted audience with the help of Bloomreach.

MALL GROUP, an Bloomreach customer since 2018, is a leading ecommerce group in Central and Eastern Europe that distributed 9.4 million orders in 2019. MALL.CZ is one of its leading general e-shops in the Czech Republic.

This video campaign was not only enormously successful monetarily, it boosted brand awareness and positioned the brand’s image in a way that could not have been imagined prior to the campaign beginning.

“The innovative personalized video campaign exceeded our expectations and helped us strengthen the Windows brand and device sales to a very complex target group,” said Michaela Vanerova, a Senior CRM Strategist at MALL.CZ. “We prepared real-quality targeting thanks to Bloomreach. Combining our data work with innovative and entertaining content from MALL.TV and adding a technological innovation that attracts customers, it brings perfect results to all parties.”

MALL.CZ Blows Customers’ Minds

Czech video company Motionlab was commissioned for video production of this campaign. Each video created was personalized so that it best connected with a specific customer. Personalized aspects of the video included the customer’s name, the customer’s address and a specific video feature that was personalized based on the customer’s gender.


The goal was to target a specific audience (mostly computer gamers) who had a strong interest watching the second season of MALL.TV’s series “Life is a game”. The series is an adaptation of a Norwegian sitcom about a young adult who faces the typical issues of a 20-year-old male.

The catch? The key moments of the protagonist’s life are narrated by omnipresent sportscasters who always feel the need to interject their opinion when the main character encounters a challenge in his life.

So, of course, the video campaign sent to users is narrated by two similar-type sportscasters.

The video campaign was structured in a way that made customers who received it feel like a VIP. The video was so personalized that it made those who received it feel like they received a surprise VIP experience that was unique.

This feeling can lead to an increased connection with a brand and as you will see below, outstanding conversions.

Bloomreach’s Webhooks and API Paved the Way 

Knowing personalization and segmentation were involved, it was safe to assume that Bloomreach Engagement had an important role in this campaign.

However, Bloomreach’s role extended further than helping personalize the video, the email campaign, and segmenting the audience receiving it.

Bloomreach Engagement played the part of technical enablement with the data flow. How? Webhooks and API.

Webhooks enable custom integrations with APIs outside of Bloomreach, allowing data to be sent to or brought in from a third party. Bloomreach API on the other hand allows the third party to send useful data to Bloomreach to be used for the benefit of your company.

Via webhook, Bloomreach sent data to the Motionlab video server. This was the data that allowed the video to display the names and addresses of video recipients.

Motionlab created the video with the personalized information and sent the video back to Bloomreach’s API, which made it possible for Bloomreach to use the data. The back and forth communication with the data is possible because of the webhook and API tools.

The personalized videos were then sent to MALL.CZ customers via an Bloomreach email campaign.

While this functionality might seem high-tech and complicated, it is no more than a few simple clicks in Bloomreach and does not require additional technical support or assistance to complete.

As you can probably imagine from seeing the high-quality video campaign yourself, MALL.CZ’s results were staggering.

The video recorded a click-through-rate of more than 11 times the control database to which personalized video communications were sent.

Users who were targeted by the video bought 701% more worth of products in the MALL.CZ shopping gallery compared to others who saw the same offer in a different manner. 

“Amazing” is Always Possible with Bloomreach

Amazing campaigns like MALL.CZ’s are possible with Bloomreach because of Bloomreach Engagement. 

Bloomreach Engagement is an outstanding platform for automating digital marketing and personalizing communication across all channels. It allows you to compile all of your data into one location and use that data to best serve your customer base. 

One of the things Bloomreach allows for is the collaboration between other creative companies as was seen with this campaign. The flexibility offered allows for data intake from multiple sources. 

Bloomreach has a proven track record of increasing customer engagement and driving revenue for businesses. Don’t miss your chance to see the product in action and learn more about how Bloomreach can help your company reach its goals. 

Bloomreach exists to help you take your business to the next level. Schedule a demo today with Bloomreach to see how Bloomreach Engagement can help make your business a magical marketing campaign like it did for MALL.CZ.


About Mall Group

mall group

MALL.CZ is a part of MALL Group, the biggest ecommerce group in Central and Eastern Europe. Its portfolio combines the four principal domains: traditional ecommerce (MALL, CZC.CZ., Vivantis), online sale of groceries (Koší, internet television (MALL.TV) and financial services for online purchases (MALL Pay). The company operates in seven countries and employs more than two thousand people. In addition, it offers its services to 90 million of inhabitants of Central and Eastern Europe. In 2019, the company delivered more than 9.4 million orders to its customers. The strategy of MALL Group is to create a whole platform of extended services and functions around the purchase itself to become a synonym of ecommerce in the 21st century.


mall tv

Internet television MALL.TV is a part of MALL Group, the first ecommerce group which started its own video production in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The company started its activity in October 2018. The Slovak localization was available from September 2019. MALL.TV offers the original series to its customers but it also provides them with a wide range of broadcasts – from educational or gastronomical to the Slow TV and life broadcasts. You can watch it for free, anytime, anywhere and on any device with internet connection. It is also accessible through mobile applications and smart TVs.

About Motionlab


Motionlab is a cloud platform that enables truly personalized video experiences. Its award-winning technology is capable of creating unique videos for hundreds of thousands of customers.


Carl Bleich

Head of Content at Bloomreach

Carl works with Bloomreach professionals to produce valuable, customer-centric content. A trusted expert with over 15 years of experience, Carl loves exploring unique ways to turn problems into solutions within digital commerce. Read more from Carl here.

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