Interflora Denmark Unifies Customer Data With Bloomreach Engagement

Carl Bleich
Carl Bleich

For nearly 100 years, Interflora has been a market leader when it comes to the sale and delivery of flower bouquets all over the world. 

Interflora Denmark, a Bloomreach Engagement customer, consists of 260 local floral boutiques that deliver flowers both inside Denmark and to the rest of the world. These local florists drive Interflora’s success.  

In 2018 Interflora Denmark became a part of the MyFlower Group which owns and operates Interflora in six different European countries.

The challenge that Interflora Denmark faced prior to becoming a Bloomreach customer was complicated. The customer journey for most of the company’s customers is very nonlinear and complex. 

Customers experience the Interflora universe through the Interflora website which is significantly different from desktop to mobile. That experience, plus other digital channels like email, had to be organized in a manner that facilitated customers having a connected customer experience with Interflora. 

The capabilities provided by Bloomreach Engagement did just the trick. 

Bloomreach Engagement Replaces Legacy Systems

Prior to signing on with Bloomreach, Interflora Denmark had grown rapidly in a short period of time. This major growth caused many of the legacy systems the company originally had in place to collect and host data to become insufficient in several ways. 

Interflora Denmark had multiple legacy systems in place to capture and host this data. The multiple different systems didn’t support one single customer view that would allow Interflora Denmark to track individual customers more simply. The spread out data caused information to be difficult to access and strained in-house employees who were forced to work within multiple different platforms to access the data.

Since the ultimate goal was to personalize the customer experience at scale, a unified single customer view was necessary. That left Interflora Denmark with a decision to make: continue to work with legacy systems and piece together solutions ad hoc, or make an investment in the future of the business and prepare itself to scale the business across digital channels. 

The decision was an easy one for Interflora—it opted for Bloomreach Engagement to optimize the customer experience. 

“Bloomreach Engagement was the perfect solution for us, enabling us to create the connected customer experience that will help elevate our business to the next level” said Zvi Goldstein, Chief Marketing Officer. “We were ready to take the next steps in our business and Bloomreach provided us the perfect opportunity to do that. Our customers have always had a great experience with Interflora Denmark and now it’s even better with Bloomreach Engagement.”

Bloomreach Engagement Provides a Winning Solution

Bloomreach Engagement combines a Customer Data Platform with marketing automation. It allows companies to unify their customer data and deliver connected customer experiences with a single solution. It also enables companies to break data silos and build a single customer view for every individual customer by connecting, tracking, and unifying data from all online and offline sources. 

For Interflora Denmark, it was a relief to finally have all of its collected customer data in one place. It migrated all of its existing data, integrations, and communication programs into Bloomreach Engagement to take full advantage of the platform’s capability of personalizing the customer experience at scale. 

For assistance in completing the migration as efficiently as possible, Interflora Denmark worked with digital consultancy Responsive, a strategic partner of Interflora since 2017. Responsive drove the platform migration in collaboration with both Interflora Denmark and Bloomreach. 

Responsive secured a fast, easy, and effective migration of existing solutions to Bloomreach Engagement and closed down all of Interflora’s legacy systems in a secure and comprehensive way. 

“Working together with Responsive and Bloomreach made it very easy for us to get everything migrated into Bloomreach Engagement,” said Jesper Bisgaard, CTO. “It was an efficient process thanks to the hard work of everyone involved.”

Bloomreach Engagement Facilitates Customer Loyalty

Switching from legacy systems and isolated tools to a collaborative CDP + marketing automation solution was just the change that Interflora Denmark needed. 

The migration of data into Bloomreach Engagement has enabled Interflora Denmark to work with the platform independently and provide a connected customer experience to loyal consumers. It has also facilitated omnichannel communication and personalization at scale

Whether it’s retargeting, email campaigns, or another means of marketing communications, Bloomreach Engagement offers the opportunity to unify all of your customer data and deliver a connected customer experience with a single solution. Schedule a personalized demo today to see what Bloomreach can do for your company. 

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