Gmail and Yahoo’s New Email Sender Requirements: How Bloomreach Customers Can Stay Prepared

Gavin Sherry
Gavin Sherry

As you might’ve heard, Gmail and Yahoo are making some significant changes to their email sender requirements in February 2024. 

Change can be scary, especially for businesses that rely on a marketing channel as important as email. But if you’re a Bloomreach customer, you have nothing to worry about. 

Most of the requirements laid out by Google and Yahoo have been considered emailing best practices for years, and they reflect the standards we advise our customers to hold their email marketing efforts to. These changes are already built into Bloomreach Engagement, and our customers have been advised on the importance of adopting these good deliverability practices since day one. 

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If your business needed to make any crucial changes, we would’ve already reached out to advise you to do so. And you can rest assured that if essential changes ever come along, our team will work directly with you to guide you through them.

These new guidelines simply change our longstanding recommendations into requirements. They aim to improve email deliverability and user experience by focusing on authentication and user rights, which has always been a focus for Bloomreach. In particular, we’ve been promoting a DMARC policy for years, and most clients have adopted this along with other best practices that set them up for success.

If you want to double-check that your business is prepared for the changes, here’s a handy checklist you can run through to make sure you’re 100% ready:

A checklist to prepare for changes to Gmail and Yahoo's email sender requirements

If you’ve completed everything in this checklist, you’re good to go! If you haven’t, that’s okay — there’s still time between now and February 1, 2024, when these requirements go into effect. Just reach out to the Bloomreach Deliverability team for assistance and we’ll help you every step of the way.


Gavin Sherry

Head of Deliverability
Gavin is the Head of Deliverability at Bloomreach, ensuring that our customers are using the best possible deliverability practices, which includes sending fewer emails to generate more revenue.

He is the creator of the 99% Inbox Placement Club, which celebrates Bloomreach Engagement users whose emails reach their customers’ inboxes at the highest rate possible. Gavin previously worked at Oracle and Argento prior to becoming the leader of the Bloomreach deliverability team. 

What I love to do:

Help companies make the most out of their email marketing program! 

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