Bloomreach Ranked as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs)

Peter Jakus
Peter Jakus

At Bloomreach, our goal is to help people and businesses deliver magical digital commerce experiences that convert on any channel and every journey. 

In the past year, we have achieved enormous success, building off the back of our $150M investment by Sixth Street Growth and acquisition of market-leading CDP and marketing automation provider Exponea in January 2021. We have seen some phenomenal growth in our business based on the success our customers are having with the platform.

We believe that these strategic investments are transforming the commerce landscape and have played a major role in our substantially improved performance in a report from a leading global research and advisory firm evaluating the most significant digital experience platforms (DXPs) in the market. 

But we’re a little biased when it comes to helping you choose the right DXP. That’s why we’re honored to be named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Platforms, Q3 2021

This industry report presents impartial expert views to guide companies through the process of evaluating the platforms that are the best fit for their business. 

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If there was a leapfrog of the year award, Bloomreach would get it. The Exponea acquisition, together with the $150M investment, was a significant success and a sign of a promising future. We believe Forrester recognized the synergy of our combined platform.

We are providing access to the full report, but we also want to explain what the Forrester Wave™ for DXPs is and why it can provide you with important insights to inform your digital experience platform of choice. 

How Does Bloomreach Measure Up in The Forrester Wave™ for DXPs?

Based on Forrester’s rigorous evaluation of the most significant DXPs in the market, Bloomreach received the highest score in the following criteria:  Search; Campaign Management; Customer profile and segmentation; Customer journey management; Automation and AI; Platform operations; and Commercial model (how the pricing model helps customers succeed). 

Forrester notes: 

“Bloomreach has strong search and customer profiles and is solid across the board….Bloomreach  focuses on enriching digital commerce experiences with data and AI.” 

“Compared with other vendors we evaluated, Bloomreach shows strength in search, customer journey management, and automation and AI. It also has strength in digital commerce, content creation and developer tools and support. Reference customers told us they like Bloomreach’s easy-to-use tooling and the support and insights from the account management team.”The Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Platforms, Forrester Research, Inc., Q3 2021

Across these categories, we know our product offering is superior to peers, and it is great to see, in our opinion, that borne out in Forrester’s rigorous evaluation. 

Why Is the Forrester Wave™ for DXPs So Important? 

The report looks across the most significant digital experience platforms in the market today, how each provider measures up, and helps digital commerce leaders make the right choice. 

We believe our position in the Forrester Wave™ for DXPs signifies that the development and decisions that Bloomreach made in the last 2 years brought us to the top of the market. 

  • We believed in that for a while, and our inclusion as a Strong Performer is further proof that these decisions are paying off. 
  • This position is also validated by what our customers say (see the recently released Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for DXP report that placed us in the leading quadrant).

Forrester’s selection of criteria is very much aligned with our product vision. It shows the essential and differentiating capabilities that a powerful DXP needs.

  • Our long-term focus areas at Bloomreach are among the criteria that Forrester also included in their evaluation: Search, Content, Automation and AI, Testing and Optimization are represented as separate criteria. APIs (headless support) are part of the Integration Tools.
  • The capabilities that the Exponea acquisition brought to our Bloomreach Experience platform are represented in 4 customer-focused criteria and 2 campaign/experience management criteria.

We are a unique vendor among the top players in the Forrester Wave™ for DXPs: the only platform purpose-built for commerce. 

  • That means that we will be a rare (if not only) vendor that is big enough to support the most demanding enterprise use cases, but not carrying the burden of a legacy heavy-weight platform that is slow in deployment, innovation, and time-to-value.
  • The Forrester Wave™ for DXPs is a horizontal report and as such evaluates the vendors’ abilities to serve a wide range of verticals. We are likely to be a rare (if not only) vendor that is focused on commerce.

Final Thoughts 

We are proud and truly excited about our position in the Forrester Wave™ for DXPs and what this means for the future of commerce experience. We’re happy to share a complimentary copy of the report as a valuable resource to aid you in your technology search and investment decisions. 

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Peter Jakus

Senior Director of Market Insights

Peter is the Senior Director of Market Insights at Bloomreach. He is passionate about the ways businesses can leverage data to create customer love and positive business impact. He is a recognized speaker in the fields of web analytics and ecommerce, an ex-Google Trainer (holding this prestigious title for 3 years in a row), founder of ecommerce accelerator MastersGate, and a co-founder of analytics un-conference MeasureCamp Bratislava.

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