A Year of Successes: Bloomreach’s 2021 Wrap-Up

Anna Petrescu
Anna Petrescu

Having had a pretty eventful year here at Bloomreach in 2021, we wanted to take a second and celebrate our successes. 

Here are a few highlights from the last year: 

  • We’ve gone through the Exponea acquisition
  • Added 122 new clients 
  • Hired 400 newcomers 
  • 87% of Bloomreach employees say they’d recommend Bloomreach to their network as a great place to work

In order to take a deep dive into each department’s achievements, we had a chat with each of our teams’ leaders.

What do you think was the defining moment for Bloomreach in 2021?

Most of our leadership team outlined the merging of Bloomreach with Exponea as the defining moment of this year. “It allowed us to put together a critical piece of the puzzle for our Commerce Cloud.” – Xun Wang, Chief Technology Officer

Ursula Kralova, our Chief People Officer, also highlighted the impact that becoming a global team has had on our culture and goals: “We got to know each other’s business better. We got to know each other on a personal level and I am happy to say we defied the standard, which says that 80% of mergers and acquisitions fail. Another defining moment was realizing that 40% of our people are those that joined this year.” 

“For me, the most defining moment for Bloomreach was the introduction of our new brand identity, which perfectly honors and blends together the legacies of innovation and customer success of both Bloomreach and Exponea. The acquisition and integration of Exponea’s talent and technology was a huge milestone for us, but the brand rollout made it real and perfectly brought the culture and solutions together in a meaningful way for customers, partners, and our people.” – Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer

“For 2021, it was about the journey to becoming a high-growth company versus one milestone. It was great to see all our teams firing on all cylinders for our customers.” – Christy Augustine, Chief Operations Officer

Each teams’ achievements look different. We asked each of the leaders to share theirs with us. 

What was your team’s biggest achievement?

“I loved seeing how the entire company pulled together to achieve our ISO certification. It required every team to take our security and data seriously, and every team showed up to ensure we took this seriously.” – Christy

“Biggest achievement for the team was having a successful Black Friday across all pillars with minimum disruption, and high performance for our customers.” – Xun 

“Strategy and marketing dramatically raised Bloomreach’s market awareness in 2021, which has impacted our opportunity to grow and realize our ambition in 2021. Very proud of all the work the teams put into that in a wide variety of programs.” – Brian

“Biggest achievement for the revenue team is learning how to win multi-pillar deals, whether as an initial land or as a cross sell.  Deals like Next, Sofology, and MKM Building supplies show what is possible when three product pillars work together to unlock more value for the customer and ultimately for Bloomreach.” – Rob Rosenthal, Chief Revenue Officer

“My team’s biggest achievement is the Bloomreach and Exponea Integration Project that we have been working on all year and want to complete by the end of December.” – Dave Pomeroy, Chief Financial Officer

“The People Team as we know it today really did not exist at the beginning of the year — we were not only able to support integration, but also scale up in recruiting/onboarding and start leadership development programs while building out our own function. At the same time, our attrition continues to go down and our employee NPS continues to be on a very high level.” – Ursula

What are you looking forward to most in 2022?

“I am looking forward to seeing how the entire sales org will be selling not just their own product, but the entire Bloomreach story. Also looking forward to the new product launches ahead of us and the personalization story getting concrete and real. On a personal level, I am looking forward to meeting many more Bloomreachers in person.” – Ursula

“Looking forward to delivering continued value to our customers and delivering on the unmet promises of personalization.” – Cheryl Chavez, Chief Product Officer

“In 2022, we have a meaningful ambition to showcase how Bloomreach can uniquely solve meaningful personalization and optimization challenges for our customers, and I am really looking forward to all the customer success stories that come from the results we can drive with Bloomreach.” – Brian

“Looking forward to launching our cross-pillar personalization to bring together our three pillars, which will be the start of launching the vision of the commerce cloud.” – Xun 

“In 2022, I am looking forward to retaining and scaling our culture. We have a fantastic, collaborative team with high hiring expectations. It will be great for us to continue our culture investments at our size.” – Christy 

“In 2022, I’m most looking forward to watching this world-class collection of talent win across multiple segments of the business.  We have such an advantage in that we can do high velocity new logo, cross-sell, and up-sell expansion in our growth business, and we can do transformational large new logo, cross-sell, and up-sell in our enterprise business.” – Rob 

“I’m looking forward to the company growing in brand awareness as the leader in commerce experience, a critical component on our path to become a public company.” – Dave 

What is your favorite part of working at Bloomreach?

“Working with a diverse set of smart, focused, and empathetic colleagues from across the globe.” – Xun 

“The challenge and the impact that the product team makes on the company.” – Cheryl

“I love to think about the size of impact we at Bloomreach have on the market. We impact over $400 billion in digital commerce with our solutions, and that is a lot of site visits, searches, marketing interactions, orders, and end customers we impact. That is very cool.” – Brian

“The ambition Bloomreach has for our customers’ growth, our product value, and our innovation is unparalleled. It is a joy to work with so many people who share those values and ambition.” – Christy 

“My favorite aspect of working at Bloomreach is we can build something together and define the category of commerce experience. It’s not often in your career you get the opportunity to define a category, and to do this with people you admire and learn from is truly special. We have a winning culture here and that’s the best part.” – Rob 

“Bloomreach is amazing because we are the underdog that takes on challenging (and sometimes seemingly impossible) projects and delivers on them as a team.” – Dave 


To sum up, we’re growing, learning, and expanding. Clients love us, employee satisfaction is growing, and we’re deeply committed to becoming better. 

“Bloomreach is exactly as we make it. Nobody is forcing us to be something we do not want to be. It is up to us to create a company we love to work at and we can be proud of.” – Ursula


Anna Petrescu

Recruitment Brand Manager

Anna works with Bloomreach professionals to drive campaigns focused on employer branding and wellbeing. As a brand manager, with a focus on sustainability, she specializes in projects that bring positive impact on various communities.

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