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Episode 27: Leading a Commerce Platform Into The Next Era

In this episode, Brian and Brent discuss how the disruptive innovation strategy which Brent implemented at BigCommerce helped transform the company from a small business-focused solution to a leading headless platform, before its IPO in August 2020.

Like many in online retail, BigCommerce saw incredible year-on-year revenue growth during 2020, the year that was ‘make or break’ for so many businesses out there. But it didn’t come easy.

To find out how they transformed their strategy to respond to the pandemic and were able to successfully complete an IPO in the midst of the downturn, Brian Walker speaks to Brent Bellm, CEO at BigCommerce. 

Episode Highlights

Together they discuss the impact of the pandemic, the shape of the eCommerce market today, and the opportunities open to small businesses, including:

  • The biggest benefits that brands get from having a direct-to-consumer relationship and a digital-first strategy.

  • How BigCommerce overcame its two biggest challenges in the early days of Covid-19.

  • And the top three things consumer packaged goods business leaders need to think about as they lean into digital commerce.

It took the internet 23 years to reach 10% of global spending in 2017, and now we're at 20% share. There's no question of whether that share is going to keep going to 30% or 40%. It's just a question of how fast.

This episode offers many fascinating insights into how BigCommerce has successfully navigated the pandemic, as well as a unique ‘behind the curtain’, look at how the business has had to evolve since going public. 

If you’re considering your investment options and thinking of listing, or you want to know what you should be thinking about to transform your eCommerce strategy, you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode.

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Get to know Brent a little better by checking out his LinkedIn profile.

Find out more about BigCommerce here.

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Meet the speakers

Brent Bellm
Chief Executive Office, BigCommerce

Brent is the CEO of BigCommerce. A retail and ecommerce veteran of 20 years, Brent has served in a variety of executive leadership positions, successfully growing industry-leading companies including HomeAway and PayPal.