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Voucherify is an API-first Promotion & Loyalty Engine that helps enterprise brands build and manage personalized promo codes, gift cards, auto-applied promotions, loyalty programs, and referral campaigns.

It offers flexible building blocks for marketers and developers to implement, manage, and track targeted promotional campaigns at scale. 

Established in 2013, Voucherify is a trusted solution for scaling businesses and global enterprises, with notable clients including Vodafone, easyJet, and Philips.

Solution Overview:

Voucherify offers business-agnostic REST APIs to model any loyalty and promotion use case. Voucherify’s intuitive interface allows non-technical teams to click together advanced campaign rules, while robust APIs let developers integrate contextual loyalty incentives and rewards within any business model and workflow — fast and at scale.

As an alternative to heavy monolithic loyalty applications, Voucherify allows brands to go to market much quicker — and enjoy unlimited flexibility and customization in the final implementation.

Key Benefits:

  • MACH-certified: As a certified MACH Alliance member, Voucherify showcases its commitment to embracing modern, flexible, and composable technology architecture

  • Enterprise-grade loyalty programs: Craft robust loyalty initiatives with unlimited tiers, custom earning rules, branded wallets, and more

  • No-code flexibility: Execute campaigns without developers through Voucherify's intuitive dashboard design, eliminating the need for extensive coding

  • Omnichannel capabilities: Navigate an omnichannel landscape, ensuring a cohesive and engaging promotional experience across online, offline, in-store, and mobile channels

  • Dynamic promotions: Benefit from discount formulas and a versatile qualification API, providing precise control over campaign mechanics

  • Flexible rules engine: Customize your promotional strategy with a flexible rules engine that’s extendable through metadata and custom objects, ensuring adaptability to unique business requirements

  • Robust performance: Experience high scalability and performance with Voucherify with a remarkable 99.99% uptime to support evolving promotional strategies and growing customer bases

  • Security: Trust in Voucherify's commitment to security with GDPR and ISO 27001 compliance, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and adherence to international standards
    One tool, multiple campaigns: Maximize promotional impact with Voucherify's capability to combine campaigns within a single tool, implement tiering mechanisms, and stack promotions for optimal results