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Company Overview:

With over 2 million developers worldwide, Netlify is leading the transition to modern Jamstack-based web development. By uniting the ecosystem of developer tools and technologies, Netlify makes it easier than ever to build, deploy, and scale web applications. Recently we announced Series D of $105M led by Bessemer Venture Partners, with participation from our existing investors Andreessen Horowitz, BOND, EQT Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Mango Capital and Menlo Ventures with an overall $2B valuation. Though our globally distributed team is growing fast, we’ve managed to stay tight-knit while welcoming newcomers to the fold. We hail from around the globe with diverse backgrounds, we’re ~40% woman or non-binary, and are composed of 29 different nationalities.


Solution Overview:

Netlify is the most popular way to build, deploy and scale modern web applications. Developers love Netlify for its powerful, yet simple workflows, which make it easy to integrate their choice of tools and collaborate with their team to deliver the best online experiences, faster.

Now home to millions of developers and thousands of enterprises, Netlify is the platform of choice for running modern Jamstack web applications in production, from global corporate sites to complex ecommerce and SaaS applications. Get started for free at


What business challenges do your solutions solve?

  • Develop better — Netlify unlocks the ability to use modern frameworks and architectures for improved developer experience and makes team collaboration easier with interactive deploy previews

  • Operate easier — With a fully automated Git-based workflow, instant rollbacks, and and automatic scaling, Netlify makes it easier for teams to operate with fewer dedicated resources in DevOps

  • Deliver better websites and business outcomes— Jamstack websites built on Netlify are more performant, more reliable, and can be highly customized for an ideal customer experience, resulting in higher conversions, higher cart values, and less downtime, even under high traffic spikes



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