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Hippo Helps Weleda Create Global Web Experience and Commerce Management

Weleda AG is a stock corporation headquartered in Arlesheim, Switzerland and  represented in around 50 countries around the world. They are dedicated to using entirely natural ingredients in their products, and none of their natural and organic cosmetics are tested on animals.  As a fast growing and global company, they had a challenge.The company was launching a new version of its entire global web presence, which also included new eCommerce sites in some of the countries, while migrating from older eCommerce solutions in others. The company decided that they needed a web content management solution that would allow for better re-use of content and also enable personalized and targeted content across a global deployment and multiple channels such as mobile and social.  One of the biggest challenges was that Weleda needed a tool that could start to align and optimize content to personas automatically and immediately – by device, location, behavior etc.   The company wanted a solution that could optimize content in real-time, and even before the user was a “known user.”  Additionally, the company had the technical requirement for a distinct separation of concerns between content storage and display in order to manage the back-end independently.

“We chose Hippo’s CMS so that we can target content to our customers, which is paramount for digital strategy,” said Laurent Vonach, Weleda’s Online Manager. “Hippo offers scalability, multi-language functionalities, user-friendliness and a proven integrated eCommerce solution.  And, we are particularly pleased that Hippo is open-source and allows us the freedom for ongoing development.”

“We are proud to be working with Weleda,” said Jeroen Verberg, CEO of Hippo. “We love the Weleda philosophy and how they develop and create products.  And beyond that, we’re happy that Hippo can be a complementary part of their success with creating more relevant content to their online visitors on all their channels”

About Weleda
Weleda AG Arlesheim is a stock corporation regulated by Swiss law. It is headquartered in Arlesheim near Basel (Switzerland) and has a branch office in Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany). The international Weleda Group consists of 18 majority shareholdings worldwide and employs a workforce of approximately 1,900. Weleda is represented in around 50 countries, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of certified natural and organic cosmetics and anthroposophic pharmaceuticals. More information:

About Hippo
Hippo sets the standard for how organizations can bring real-time relevance to their audience and is the foundation for personalized communication across all channels: mobile, social and web. Our purpose is to facilitate innovation so our customers can create digital miracles. We serve our customers, by creating a platform that is fun to use, easy to implement and open for innovation.

Our dedicated, Certified Partner Network delivers Hippo Awesomeness around the globe to our valued customers. Hippo is proud to serve organizations
such as Max Bahr, Autodesk, Thomson Reuters, City University of New York, Dolce & Gabbana, BT, the Dutch Police and the Government of the Netherlands.

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