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ROC Eindhoven 'live' with Hippo CMS

ROC Eindhoven has started using Hippo's open source portal and content management software. The education organization, for both secondary vocational education (MBO) and adult education, with over 22.500 participants and more than 1500 employees, uses the Contact Management System (CMS) to begin with for the intranet. In a later stage, also for the website the Hippo CMS will be used.

ROC Eindhoven was looking for a CMS to make internal information spread over the more than twenty schools and seventeen locations, available and comprehensible for all employees. ROC Eindhoven chose for Hippo's CMS after an extensive selection procedure. Crucial for the final choice where the price/quality ratio, the user-friendliness, the possibility to develop applications themselves as a ROC and the use of open standards. Since the data exchange takes place through the open XML-standard, news items for instance can easily be reused for various publication channels.

To begin with, the more than 1500 employees of ROC Eindhoven will start using the intranet, based on the Hippo CMS. In a later stage, also for the website the Hippo CMS will be used. Here information from one CMS will be reused for multiple channels. Through the intranet, employees can find information about the schools and services and about various running projects. Also, they can easily provide articles themselves for the intranet or look for the contact information or knowledge chart of colleagues in the 'smoelenboek'.

Hippo Portal
Besides the CMS, ROC Eindhoven also uses the Hippo Portal. The portal gives employees the opportunity to personalize their intranet and makes using the intranet more interactive. For instance they can save their favorites, the history is saved and people can choose which sources of information appear on their own startpage.

Harry Orbons of the IT-department of ROC Eindhoven: "Our organization exists out of twenty-three schools and seven services plus a Board of Directors. Therefore it was difficult to make all internal information that was present at the different parts of the organization, comprehensible for everybody. To make the information of the ROC easier to find and more accesible, we were looking for a good content management system for our intranet site. Finally, we chose Hippo CMS. The most important reason for this choice, were the attractive price/quality ratio and the use of open source and open standards. Althought the implementation was a lengthy process and didn't always go as smoothly, since the intranet site is being used, we now already had a lot of positive reactions about the user-friendliness and the comprehensibility of the information."

Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, CEO of Hippo: "The challenge was to present the large amount of information that is present within ROC Eindhoven, in a way that is synoptic for the user. Now the possibilities to personalize ensure that users don't get lost in the abundance of information."

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