Why PrettyLittleThing And Bloomreach Are Better Together

PrettyLittleThings Video Testimonial Transcript


So for PrettyLittleThings, our previous partner didn't really meet all our goals. We're a pretty fast-moving business. We can have things change within the day, and within the hour. So for us, it's how we really keep up with that, you know, how fast we can get things out the door, how fast we can look at new audiences, real-time data into the platform. All of those things together, just making sure we can do it fast, quickly, and easily within the team.


I think for me, one of the main things that's been crucial to our success as a CRM team has been the support that we've got from Bloomreach. I think with Bloomreach, you really do feel like you are a customer. You're not just one of many. The support is always there when you need it. They're there with new ideas. They're there to help, we know what touch 
points to go to. It's really easy in that sense of things.


Hands down, the speed of the platform. So something as simple as counting segment before could take 20-30 minutes, now it takes 30 seconds. You can really chop and change with the data you can build Expressions, Aggregates, you can really like play around with what you've got and it's helpful because it your own data and you can actually use it without going elsewhere.


I think in terms of the value that the Bloomreach platform provides is really just the ease of marketeers within a team being able to do things past the initial setup. We don't need additional resource from other teams we don't need kind of more specific skill sets around kind of SQL, around code, anything like that. It's something that the whole team can go in and access the database and chop and change it as we like and then easily send email, Push, SMS to those customers within the team that we've we've already got.