Boost AOV by Showing the Remaining Amount for Free Shipping Eligibility


Boost average order value (AOV) by motivating customers to get free shipping on their purchase using weblayers or banners.

  • “Only $20 left to get free shipping!”


Increase average order value.


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Video Transcript

Let Bloomreach engagement, help your
business by boosting average order value
of your customers.
One way of doing this is by motivating
our customers to purchase just
a little more to meet the incentive criteria
that pops up on your website.
Now let me show you how easy it is to create
a free shipping incentive.
As you see here, we have a handful
of web layer templates out of
the box for you.
And in this example, we're gonna be focusing
on the notification box.
What we're gonna create is a free shipping
incentive for all orders over
maybe instead of $25 let's say
And in this case, as
a marketer, maybe I want this
to pop up on the left hand side instead
of the right hand side
to quickly show you, you can hop
down to the positioning section
and select the horizontal positioning
to the left side.
There's quite a bit of other options
and customizations as a marketer
to easily select and change
this design.
Now, when we head over to settings,
we can begin by targeting the
audience for this use case.
And if we think about it what we wanna do
is create any
audience that has a
cart update, for example. And
in the cart, they've added items that
are just below $100. So
we wanna make sure they can put one
more item in and trigger this promotion.
And we also want to check if
perhaps they didn't purchase in
the last, let's say, given month. So we're
gonna target folks in the past month
who've added items to their cart less than $100
and we're gonna show them this free shipping
So how do we do this? First
off, we want to select
a event criteria
and we're gonna search for a cart
update event.
So here we have a card
update and we wanna say for folks
who have added items to
the cart,
next, we can say for
that card update,
we can select the total
and the total price must be
less than
Now, we want to time bound this to
the last 30 days
and of course,
this wouldn't be complete without
understanding if they actually went
through and proceeded a purchase.
So in this case, we're gonna go and
search for a checkout event for example.
And now we can say for folks
that have added an item to their cart
or multiple items, less than $100
proceeded to check out.
But the final condition as we said before
is the purchase event.
And down here, we can negate
this set it for the last
30 days.
And now we're targeting the folks that have
added items to their cart, less
than $100 proceeded to
check out
and didn't purchase in the last
30 days.
The final step here is to
rename your campaign,
calling it free shipping
And if you save and start
this campaign will be ready to go.

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