10 Reasons to Attend Bloomreach Connect San Francisco

By Katie Lawson


🗓️ brConnect Global Online Summit is back on October 6, 2020. Save your virtual seat now. 

When a conference comes to your attention one of the first questions, naturally, is “would it be able to help me move my career forward?”. We took that question to heart when deciding on the theme for our Connect events: UNSTUCK.

We bet you have a vision of where you want your digital business to be. You can see that endpoint and have a plethora of short- and long-term goals along the way. You’ve got the gumption, the determination, and the knowledge to know everything won’t go exactly according to plan (because what fun is that?) Simply put, sometimes we all get a little stuck.

What better way to get back on the path - or discover a whole new shortcut to your vision - than to get together with a room full of people looking at digital experience with the same tenacity as you. A day of thinking and sharing with other marketers, merchandisers, and developers who can help you look at your path from a new angle.

At Connect San Francisco, we’re bringing together the Bloomreach user community, along with curious digital business builders, to share the information, innovations, and inspiration that can help you take the next step towards that vision, and in your own career.

We don’t know which part of Connect San Francisco will click most for you - The future-thinking keynote from the author of “Unscaled”, the success stories from Bloomreach customers like Hilton, the relaxed networking environment, the inside look at new product features and roadmap, the practical case studies full of tips, or the pre-day user groups where you can sit with other users of Site Search, Merchandising, Organic, or our CMS to get questions answered and give us valuable feedback - but we do know that Connect offers a buffet of options to learn, recharge, and...get unstuck.

Here are 10 reasons why you should Register Now for Connect San Francisco, can’t wait to see you there!

If San Francisco is a bit too far away, why not check out Bloomreach Connect Amsterdam.

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Katie Lawson

Marketing Manager

As an experienced marketer, Katie has worked for computer software and scientific industries specializing in Content Strategy and Digital Marketing.

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