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How Cedar Fair Scaled an Immersive Mobile Experience

Cedar Fair is one of the largest amusement-resort operators in the world, entertaining 26 Million guests a year across its 11 amusement parks, including its flagship park, Cedar Point.

Cedar Fair's parks provide incredibly immersive experiences. That focus on an immersive experience was pivotal to Cedar Fair’s digital transformation path, which began where all the best do - with customer expectations.

Cedar fair had a critical look at where their digital experience was to see if they were living up to guest expectations. With this in mind, the team set about creating a digital vision and a clearly defined plan to get there.

See how Cedar Fair used BloomReach Experience Manager (brXM) to: 

  • Deploy 11 park sites in 4 months
  • Build 8 mobile apps, connected to CRM and in-park beacons
  • Enable targeting with dynamic content
  • Optimize experience with built in A/B testing