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How Canadian Tire Increased Conversions by 20% with Bloomreach

Learn how the leading Canadian retailer improved product discoverability and increased conversions 20%-80% across its key brands Atmosphere, SportChek and Mark's.

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I attribute [the success] to the relevance that Bloomreach is bringing forward, the adaptability that it creates and the results....We’ve been very excited about it.

Brian Foreman, Product Manager, Site Search & Personalization at Canadian Tire

In this case study, you'll learn:

  • How Canadian Tire addressed its challenge of search relevancy to help people find the products they're looking for.
  • The ways in which the retailer is satisfying customer needs during the global health pandemic.
  • How the adoption of Bloomreach's search and merchandising technology is powering more relevant search experiences and converting more online customers.

Canadian Tire is one of Canada’s leading retailers, selling all manner of items from hardware and autoparts to homeware and sports equipment and apparel.

It has a vast product catalog and making sure customers find exactly what they are looking for is essential to online success.

To stay relevant and give customers a better experience as they navigate the depths of its vast product catalog, Canadian Tire replaced its homegrown search engine with Bloomreach’s AI-powered search and merchandising technology, resulting in remarkable online conversion rate increases across its brand portfolio.

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