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How Bosch Manufactures a Better CX Through Headless Commerce

Learn how Bosch is transforming the digital customer experience by creating personalized experiences at the country level, while promoting and aligning holistic experiences globally.

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Through headless, we found a way to move forward quickly, while we change out the backend, without having to wait.

Sunny Mallavarapu, Digital Transformation Manager at Bosch Power Tools

Alongside CMS specialist Bloomreach, Bosch presents a winning approach on how to:

  • Accelerate B2B eCommerce via a "headless" solution
  • Create personalized, unique experiences at country level, while aligning experiences globally
  • Increase team efficiency and scalability

Sunny Mallavarapu, Digital Transformation PM at Bosch, describes the journey he took, by way of a commerce infrastructure re-platform, to revolutionize the digital customer experience in B2B.

To alleviate the disconnect between experiences and to create efficiencies within the business, Bosch Power Tools leveraged an entirely new approach that would transform the organization as a whole.

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