Bloomreach and Marionnaud Grow Their Partnership to Expand Personalized Ecommerce Search Across Central Europe


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, January 4, 2024 – Bloomreach, the platform fueling limitless ecommerce experiences, today announced an expanded partnership with Marionnaud, one of Europe’s leading retail perfume specialists. Marionnaud, which currently uses Bloomreach Discovery to power personalized ecommerce search across its French, Italian, and Swiss websites, will now also leverage Bloomreach Discovery across its Central European sites, including those serving the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. With the expansion of Bloomreach’s AI-powered search across even more regions, Marionnaud furthers its commitment to being a digitally-driven brand providing tailored shopping experiences to its customers across Europe.    

“Bloomreach is thrilled to expand our partnership with Marionnaud into Central Europe and bring the same level of personalization and customer understanding that we’ve delivered in Marionnaud’s other European markets,” said Jordan Roper, General Manager and Head of Product, Bloomreach Discovery. “We look forward to seeing the results Marionnaud will achieve as our technology empowers them to connect even more customers with exactly the right product at exactly the right time.”

With over 700 online and offline stores across nine markets, Marionnaud offers a substantial catalog of products for customers to shop. Bloomreach Discovery uses a robust product dataset and powerful AI to ensure Marionnaud customers can easily discover the products they want as they search and shop that catalog online. With enhanced search relevance and tailored product recommendations, Marionnaud’s ecommerce sites drive maximum customer engagement, and ultimately, increased business results.  

“We’re excited to continue working with Bloomreach to grow our personalization efforts across our Central European sites, better serving our customers with highly relevant search and recommendations,” said Tatiana Anton, General Manager Marionnaud Central Europe. “We partnered with Bloomreach because of their forward-looking approach to ecommerce, and expanding that level of expertise to our Central European teams is the logical next step.”

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Bloomreach personalizes the ecommerce experience. Its data engine unifies real-time customer and product data so businesses understand what customers really want. By connecting that understanding to every channel, the ecommerce experience becomes limitless — reflecting a changing customer as they shop. Amplified by the speed and scale of Loomi, Bloomreach’s AI for ecommerce, this creates endless new paths to purchase, greater profitability, and fast business growth. Bloomreach products include: Engagement, a marketing automation platform; Discovery, an ecommerce search solution; Content, a headless CMS; and Clarity, AI-powered conversational shopping. The company has multiple AI patents and serves 850+ global brands including: Albertsons, Bosch, Puma, and Marks & Spencer.

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