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How recolution Onboards New Customers With Bloomreach

recolution is a German fashion company with a focus on organic, ethically-produced, 100% vegan clothing. Founded in 2010 in Hamburg, recolution is not just a retailer — it is a value-driven company that is active in the community.

open rate with new customer onboarding emails campaign
sales attributed to this campaign over a two-month period
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The Challenge

recolution is a brand with a strong identity. However, as the company is still young, new shoppers might be unaware of recolution’s values and ideals. Bloomreach hypothesized that by creating a GDPR-compliant onboarding process, new customers would learn about the brand and would be more likely to become loyal customers.

The online shopping experience can feel very similar from one site to the next, which gives customers no reason to return to a particular shop. That’s why a good customer onboarding process is a key differentiator for online retailers. Getting it right can help maximize customer lifetime value and fuel company growth through loyalty.

Bloomreach and recolution, along with implementation partner Finc3, decided on a set of deliverables for a successful onboarding process, with the aim of increasing conversions, turning visitors into first-time buyers, and introducing newcomers to the brand.

The Solution

Bloomreach’s solution consisted of multiple steps. 

First-time visitors to the site see a weblayer (i.e. a banner) with the promise of a 10% discount code if they register for the newsletter. The weblayer was created with Bloomreach Engagement, which offers a variety of pre-built banner templates as well as the possibility to build banners from scratch. 

If a first-time visitor decides to subscribe to recolution’s newsletter, then a double opt-in scenario is triggered. This means visitors receive an email asking to verify that they registered for the mailing list. If they click the link in the email, then their consent attributes are automatically updated in Bloomreach. All of this is setup in Bloomreach Engagement’s scenarios. 

Visitors who register for the newsletter receive a confirmation email that reinforces the brand’s core values. Double opt-in newsletter registration is a great way to maintain a healthy newsletter subscriber list. It’s also a crucial step towards managing GDPR-related risks. recolution’s confirmation email also provided an opportunity to introduce new customers to their brand and values.

The Results

New visitors to recolution’s site are now treated to a carefully-crafted onboarding process. From the initial banner to the discount banner in their inbox, visitors get a memorable first shopping experience as well as an introduction to what makes recolution special.

The new customer onboarding had a positive business impact. The registration email showed impressive results — a 67% increase in open rate and an 82% increase in click-through-rate. After running the onboarding campaign for two months, the company saw a 23% increase in conversion rate and a 42% increase in sales that were contributed to the campaign. 

Beyond the immediate measurable impacts, recolution also benefits from a more targeted mailing list, thanks to the double opt-in scenario. Finally, the company planted the seeds of loyalty by introducing newcomers to what makes recolution different.