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How Mokka Discards Legacy Systems and Increases Key Metrics with Bloomreach Engagement

Mokka, a leading FinTech company in Russia and Eastern Europe, provides paperless funding for over 8,000 online and offline partner stores.

Not only does Mokka offer its installment payment service, but it also boasts virtual credit cards, card-to-card transfers, and other financial services attuned to the modern consumer’s needs. 

increase of message open rates
growth of conversion to first purchase
to complete integration

The Challenge

Even though Mokka had developed a sustainable process for client acquisition and activation, the company did not have a unifying “single customer view” (SCV) for its data.  Because of this, it believed its technology stack was outdated and not up to par with modern customer expectations. 

Since the original technology stack components had not been integrated, Mokka also worked very manually, which inevitably led to a massive amount of excess labor. After some time, it was abundantly clear this marketing approach was inefficient and costly. 

The Solution

Bloomreach Engagement, which is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), provided a smart solution for Mokka when it needed it the most. Mokka could now increase client participation with omnichannel communications. 

The company was able to nurture users with relevant correspondence and determine how to motivate them to move forward in the pipeline. By consolidating their package of isolated tools into a single, automated platform, Mokka could better scale its business as well. 

Beneath the automated marketing solution, Bloomreach provided Mokka with flexible, analytics-based intel to better tailor its future email marketing strategy. Now, Mokka could determine the time, frequency, and method that prospects and clients preferred in email campaigns.

The Results

Mokka continues to achieve impressive results at a lower spend with Bloomreach Engagement. Better yet, a single platform makes subscription billing and management a lot easier on their finance department.

Mokka consistently experiences higher conversions to first purchases, increased open message rates, and improved retention, all of which helps to boost overall customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.