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Every Touchpoint Matters: Digging Into the Details of Website Personalization With Datacop and Bloomreach

By Ian Donnelly


When it comes to website personalization, most marketers tend to focus their efforts on straightforward and popular techniques — things like product recommendations that are fueled by a customer’s previous browsing data or “similar items” sections at the bottom of product pages. 

And while these efforts are fundamental for marketing success, you can’t simply implement the most well-known strategies that every brand utilizes and call it a day. There are so many ways that marketers can harness their customer data and weave insights into the customer journey, and the brands that stand out from the rest are dedicated to optimizing every step of a customer’s path to purchase. 

Identifying and personalizing these detailed touchpoints may sound like a demanding job, but it’s vital that you truly understand all the ways that your shoppers interact with your business. Plus, achieving detailed personalization is not as demanding as you may expect — it just takes a critical eye, some creative thinking, and the right marketing tools to make it happen.

How Datacop and Bloomreach Work Better Together

Bloomreach partner Datacop, a digital studio that helps e-commerce companies translate raw data to revenue, understands how important it is for companies to think holistically about their customer journey. Datacop specializes in marketing operations, implementing cutting-edge marketing technology and leveraging it to its full potential with personalization, real-time analysis, and revenue-generating use cases. 

They work closely with prominent brands to find the most meaningful touchpoints where personalization can make the biggest impact — like the size memory use case they implemented with OluKai, a Hawaiian-inspired premium footwear brand and Bloomreach customer since 2019.

Datacop helped OluKai optimize its product detail pages and shorten the customer journey, which personalized a key touchpoint that translated into significant potential revenue.

How Detailed Personalization Streamlines OluKai’s Customer Experience 

Upon arriving at a product page for an e-commerce site like OluKai, one of the first actions a user can take is to choose a size before adding the item to their cart. Once a shopper selects a size, marketers have a valuable customer datapoint that can be used to personalize the shopper’s experience moving forward. 

Remembering the size that a customer selects and automatically preselecting this size for them on subsequent product pages is a subtle personalization technique that packs a big optimization punch. It’s one of those holistic details that shortens the path to purchase, makes a shopper’s experience better, and makes their customer journey feel effortless.

In practice, there are two specific scenarios where this feature can enhance the user experience:

  1. In-session personalization: Within the same browsing session, if a customer selects a size and then navigates to another product within the same "size category," their size will be automatically preselected.
  2. Returning user experience: For customers who select a size but leave the website without adding a product to the cart (a behavior exhibited by approximately 70% of users who select a size), their size will be preselected when they return to the site.

In both instances, this feature eliminates an extra click in the conversion funnel, streamlining the shopping process and potentially increasing conversion rates.

Detailed Personalization Yields Big Results

This use case may sound like a simple and small detail, but incorporating it into your customer journey can yield significant results, which Datacop proved via an A/B test. They found that this feature has the potential to increase the number of customers adding products to their cart by 3.38%, which can translate into significant revenue for e-commerce businesses.

To provide some context for these numbers, consider the following: If the additional 3.38% of customers who added products to their cart maintain the same conversion rate all the way to purchase — a hypothesis that would require further testing for statistical significance — and your business’ monthly revenue is $1,000,000 (this is a fictional revenue number), then this feature could potentially yield an extra $33,800 each month.

And all it takes to realize these results is implementing a simple, detailed personalization feature that your customers will barely register as a part of their experience — but it's one that makes their path to purchase so much easier and your site so much more intuitive to navigate.

If you're interested in learning more about these findings and implementing this product memory use case, Datacop has a step-by-step guide of setting up this feature using Bloomreach Engagement.

Personalize Every Step of Your Customer Journey With Bloomreach and Datacop

Together, Bloomreach and Datacop help companies realize the full potential of their site experience, omnichannel campaigns, journey orchestration, and more. From detailed use cases to data-driven strategies, our partnership makes true personalization possible.

With the ability to harness real-time browsing behavior, comprehensive data, and the power of Loomi, our AI built for e-commerce, brands can optimize every step of their customer journey. We’ve already done this repeatedly for OluKai, including meaningful email campaigns that improved their deliverability, boosted their open rates, and increased their average order value. 

Interested in learning more? See what Datacop and Bloomreach can do for your e-commerce business today.

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Ian Donnelly

Content Marketing Manager at Bloomreach

Ian has years of copywriting and digital marketing experience that he brings to his role as Content Marketing Manager at Bloomreach. With a keen eye for fresh angles and new perspectives, he aims to highlight the endless possibilities available to savvy businesses with cutting-edge digital commerce.

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