Bloomreach Unveils Premium Loomi AI Features for Ecommerce Teams, Including Groundbreaking New Ways to Automate and Optimize Personalization

Bloomreach announces seven premium new features for its proprietary Loomi AI, spanning both marketing automation and search and merchandising.
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, June 26, 2024Bloomreach, the platform fueling limitless ecommerce personalization, today announced seven premium new features for its proprietary Loomi AI. Spanning both marketing automation and search and merchandising, the features enable teams driving ecommerce growth to customize, optimize, and automate personalization across the customer journey. Combined with Loomi AI’s existing capabilities, these premium features will offer users more AI power than ever before — helping them build better online shopping experiences that drive profitable growth.

“Bloomreach is putting revolutionary AI in the hands of ecommerce teams with these latest releases,” said Anirban Bardalaye, Chief Product Officer, Bloomreach. “Our Loomi AI has consistently led the market in its ability to serve the unique needs of commerce. Today, we take another step forward, introducing premium features that cater to the specific workflows of marketers and merchandisers and empower teams in their pursuit of limitless growth. This is AI that makes the practice of personalization possible for business users — and profitable for businesses.”

Premium Features for Marketers

  • AutoSegments: transforms campaign personalization and uncovers new revenue opportunities for marketers to leverage quickly. Harnessing the power of Loomi AI, AutoSegments automatically identifies high-value customer segments, instantly showing marketers where to personalize campaigns for maximum impact. By eliminating the need for manual report analysis, AutoSegments not only saves marketers time — it also allows them to focus on the strategic decisions that drive value and fast ROI.
  • Loomi Analytics Assistant: maximizes productivity and makes analytics accessible for every marketer. Through an easy-to-use conversational interface, marketers can swiftly analyze customer metrics, tap into real-time insights, and generate reports. Loomi Analytics Assistant simplifies complex data, offering explanations that deepen understanding and enhance decision-making.
  • Weblayer Variant Generator: substantially reduces campaign creation and testing time, generating multiple variants of personalized onsite banners within seconds. By allowing marketers to quickly test different copy — such as switching offer amounts or adding urgency language — this Loomi AI feature helps drive increased click through rates, conversions, and higher email and SMS opt-in rates.

Premium Features for Merchandisers and Search Teams

  • Loomi Search+: utilizes a powerful combination of Loomi AI and Vertex AI from Google Cloud to deliver unprecedented results for longer or more niche search queries. Loomi Search+ integrates semantic and vector search technologies, allowing for a more nuanced understanding of complex queries. Traditionally, search results either prioritize giving the customer a broader recall set that may also include irrelevant results (vector), or a precise recall set that may actually miss relevant results (keyword or semantic). With Loomi Search+, Bloomreach has unlocked the the best of both worlds – a broad recall set able to understand long-tail queries using LLM-powered vectors – layered on top of Loomi AI’s industry-leading semantic intelligence. This results in highly precise and relevant results.
  • AI Studio: empowers merchandisers to effortlessly customize and refine Bloomreach search ranking algorithms, or even incorporate their own models, with no coding expertise required. With the flexibility to experiment and easily adapt search ranking, merchandisers will be able to tailor the search experience to their audience’s needs, improve the relevance of search results, and enhance the overall efficiency of product discovery.
  • Visual Search: offers a unique new way to connect customers with the right products, allowing shoppers to upload images instead of typing queries into a search bar. Loomi AI-powered Visual Search delivers precise, personalized results based on these images, while also showcasing visually similar products that can drive even greater revenue per visitor.
  • Loomi Search in 33 Languages: enhances understanding of the intent behind search queries across more than 30 languages. By expanding its Loomi AI-powered semantic technology across more languages, Bloomreach enables businesses serving diverse, multilingual customer bases to drive smarter search for even more customers.

A livestream event featuring detailed first looks at Bloomreach’s newly released AI features will be broadcast on June 26 at 11:00 AM ET. Register for Innovation Fest: Summer of AI here.


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Bloomreach personalizes the ecommerce experience. Its data engine unifies real-time customer and product data so businesses understand what customers really want. By connecting that understanding to every channel, the ecommerce experience becomes limitless — reflecting a changing customer as they shop. Amplified by the speed and scale of Loomi, Bloomreach’s AI for ecommerce, this creates endless new paths to purchase, greater profitability, and fast business growth. Bloomreach products include: Engagement, a marketing automation platform; Discovery, an ecommerce search solution; Content, a headless CMS; and Clarity, AI-powered conversational shopping. The company has multiple AI patents and serves 1,400+ global brands including: Williams-Sonoma, Bosch, Puma, and Marks & Spencer.

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