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Yves Rocher Upgrades Personalization With Bloomreach’s Real-Time Product Recommendations

Yves Rocher is a worldwide cosmetics and beauty brand, and a Bloomreach Engagement user since 2019. The company is present in 88 countries on five different continents and employs over 13,000 people. Yves Rocher explores the most powerful active ingredients of botanicals to offer high quality, custom solutions for every skin type while preserving the environment.

the increase in clicks on a recommended item within one minute compared to a top-seller recommendation
the increase in purchase rate compared to a top-seller recommendation

The Challenge

Yves Rocher’s challenge was not a foreign one to many ecommerce companies — it wanted to provide the most personalized product recommendations it could to both returning customers and first-time visitors with no prior history of interaction with the website or brand. 

Due to the importance of personalization in B2C marketing today, Yves Rocher wanted to go beyond generic recommendations and ensure that each product recommendations was relevant to each individual customer. To do so, the company needed to first find the right algorithm and tech stack to help it drive this initiative.

The Solution

Bloomreach Engagement offered a top solution in its real-time and personalized product recommendations. The solution even made it possible to personalize product recommendations for Yves Rocher’s anonymous guests (as long as they accepted cookie tracking).  

As soon as an anonymous visitor views a product, an anonymous user profile is automatically created for that visitor within Bloomreach Engagement to capture first-party data. The data collected within this profile is used to immediately personalize the customer’s in-session experience. As the user goes from product to product and back to the home page, the personalized experience with the brand becomes better. 

Even better, this history is never lost. When an anonymous user eventually registers using an email address, all of the information and personalization preferences are captured and saved as an identified customer so that future campaigns like emails, SMS, or even web and in-app messages are personalized accordingly. 

The Results

Yves Rocher experienced several incredible changes after making the switch to Bloomreach’s personalized real-time recommendations. 

The company saw a 17.5x increase in the number of clicks on a recommended item within one minute of displaying Bloomreach’s personalized real-time recommendations (compared to a generic top-seller recommendation). It also drove a whopping 11x increase in the purchase rate of recommended products. 

Yves Rocher can now deliver customer actions and product recommendations in real time (or within 0.1 seconds, to be exact), resulting in what feels like magically personalized experiences for its customers.