Under the Hood: Bloomreach Search

Learn about the features that put a scalable, intelligent search technology in your hands.

Useful for: eCommerce, site search, and merchandising professionals

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You'll learn:

  • How self-learning algorithms match customer intent to the right products
  • Why AI is more valuable when it can be customized to meet specific goals
  • The key features of superior search such as targeting, testing, and merchandising management

Wouldn’t it be great to have a high-performance, sporty and sexy car that is technologically savvy, personalizable and an absolute joy to drive? Imagine being in the driver’s seat of the new Tesla Roadster - for site search

When up against the eCommerce giants you need top of the line tools that move fast and utilize your unique resources. Luckily, you have an explicit source of customer intent data to help you beat the competition.

Site search queries give you real insights into what your customers want – what your most valuable, ready-to-buy customers want.

This guide shows how to turn those queries into fuel for an AI engine with robust search and merchandising tools that puts the (horse)power of scalable, customizable machine learning in your hands.

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