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8 Capabilities of Best-in-Class Site Search


Imagine being in the driver's seat of the new Tesla Roadster - a high-performance, sporty and sexy car that is technologically savvy, customizable and a joy to drive. Now put that in the context of eCommerce.

If you want to achieve high growth results you need an outstanding eCommerce experience. According to Forrester, 65% of customers start their buying journey with site search. But how do you ensure that customers get the site search experience they want?

In this guide we explain how a scalable, machine learning technology can improve your eCommerce experience and boost sales by optimizing the product search capabilities of your website through eCommerce personalization. In other words, how a Tesla Roadster for site search can help you drive those growth results.

Read this guide to learn:

  • What site search technology features have the most impact on your conversion rates
  • How self-learning algorithms match customer intent to the right products
  • How semantic language understanding and eCommerce personalization can make shopping experiences more relevant

Useful for:

  • eCommerce, personalization, site search, and merchandising professionals

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