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Business Growth Comes from Great Commerce Experiences

Bloomreach Experience Platform (brX)

And great commerce experiences all have one thing in common: exceptional product and content discovery.

Customer Customer Customer Customer
Search Search

Help Visitors Find Products Fast

Semantic Search

Deliver accurate search results to improve conversion. Bloomreach Search uses natural language processing, advanced attribute extraction, and past visitor behavior to surface the most relevant products for your visitors and leverages AI to continuously improve the accuracy.

1:1 and Segment-based Personalization

Personalize which products appear and how products rank for each visitor. Bloomreach Search understands user preferences on a one-to-one basis and reorders products based on user preferences and your segments. 

Customizable Algorithms

Customize the Bloomreach algorithm to align with your business goals. Feed in additional data, like profit margin, offline sales and returns data, to create an algorithm unique to your site and closer to your business strategy.

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Merchandising Merchandising

Fine Tune Your Merchandising

Intuitive Merchandising Tools

Bloomreach's AI-powered technology works in tandem with merchandisers to help them be more data-driven and impactful. Quickly learn which products are under-performing, personalize how products are displayed by segment, and boost, bury, or lock-in-place products to tell a visual story. 

Customizable Algorithms

Adapt the Bloomreach algorithm to what's important to your business and to match your business goals. The software can ingest data, like offline sales, returns, or cost data, in order to create the perfect algorithm. 

Actionable Insights

Understand how your customers behave with insights into their journeys and unique preferences. Translate these learnings directly into action to improve your search and browse behavior. Set up and analyze A/B testing to track products, brands, search queries, and more.

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Content Management Content Management

Create and Control The Whole Experience Across All Channels

In-context Editing

Edit and preview content without leaving the page with preview that includes text, visuals and products inserted on the page. Publish updates instantly across every channel.

Omni-channel Experience Management

Reuse and update text, graphics, images, videos, interactive components, visuals and forms across all your channels. Publish on any channel whether it's your single page application, website, app, kiosk or IoT device.

Landing Pages & Microsites

Launch, manage and customize campaign-specific landing pages and microsites at top speed without depending on IT.

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Recommendation & Pathways Recommendation & Pathways

Intelligent Product Recommendations

Relevant Seamless Experience

With Recommendations and Search tied together, recommendations adapt based on search behavior. Add to landing pages, categories, or checkout to improve conversion.

Customize to Your Unique Goals

Empower product managers to achieve your specific business goals like boosting private-label products or helping find replacement parts. 

Informed by Your Product Preferences

Leverage the intelligent index that has been proven to increase revenue-per-visit by providing more accurate, personalized recommendations. Recommendations uses AI to adapt based on customers’ affinity for product attributes. 

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Drive Traffic to Your Site

Optimize for Long Tail

Drive incremental organic search traffic by filling content gaps in existing category pages for mid and long tail queries. Bloomreach SEO indexes the web to understand what customers are looking for and all the ways they are searching for these products. 

Improve Discoverability

Better link structure of the site to improve discoverability. Enhance relevance by adding crawlable content that reinforces and enhances the intents of a given page for incremental organic search traffic and revenue.

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