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A Head Start for the CTO

Bloomreach has invested 12+ years in fundamental search technology — learn how our platform gives you a massive head start when customizing for your search needs. Download our whitepaper to learn how to customize the Bloomreach search platform to deliver a tailored search experience.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:
  • How to customize your search project along the maturity curve
  • What makes a search engine great
  • How Bloomreach handles stability and scalability

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Understand the foundations of Bloomreach Discovery as well learning from the successes of our customers on how to customize and extend the Bloomreach search platform to meet specific needs.

Report Details

This whitepaper covers why choosing Bloomreach gives you a massive head start as you begin customizing the platform to your needs. By choosing another vendor, you have some of these customizations, but you start much further behind.

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Explore this report for valuable insights on Bloomreach Discovery. These include details on our customizable search platform that allow us to be more prescriptive and provide more built-in capabilities than other vendors. This is essential a set of guardrails to help you maximize the performance of your operation.