Episode 19: Driving User Experience Design and Executive Alignment

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Most of the big user design questions have already been answered. But as the pandemic has completely shifted eCommerce priorities, it has raised a new question that’s top of many eCommerce executives’ lists – “can and will customers happily do the things that make your business thrive?”

To find out more about the changing questions that eCommerce leaders are asking and to get a candid insight into the challenges of aligning executives for design change, Brian speaks with Tamara Adlin, the President of customer experience strategy consultancy, Adlin Inc.

Tamara has previously helped bring cutting-edge user centred design methods to Amazon and has consulted dozens of others, from leading industry players, like Apple and Microsoft, and international organizations like the United Nations. She doesn’t just share her expertise with her own clients but is also the author of the hugely influential Persona Lifecycle book series and a sought-after speaker for events and conferences.

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