5 Ways To Bring B2B Up To Speed With Optimal Site Search


Take a B2B-specific deep dive into our Discovery search solution We show you how to utilize your data to easily create scalable and revenue-driving experiences. You will see specific use cases that are available for you right from the start of using our Discovery platform. Hear real examples of like-companies that have driven significant results […]

Discover Customer Preferences With Zero-Party Data Capture on Your Website or App

Bloomreach showing how their product can discover customer preferences with zero-party data capture on a website or app

Opportunity Build an accurate, complete picture of your customers in a privacy-friendly way that benefits customers and your brand. Example Ask questions to better understand your customers’ favorite categories, information format preference (e.g., visual or text), shopper type (e.g., premium or discount-hunter), etc. Use the information you collect, in conjunction with Bloomreach’s in-session predictions, to […]

Erfassen Sie Zero-Party-Daten via Web und App


Der Vorteil Machen Sie sich trotz strenger Datenschutzverordnungen ein genaues und vollständiges Bild Ihrer Kund:innen, von dem sowohl Sie als auch Ihre Kund:innen profitieren. Beispiele Finden Sie über gezielte Fragen heraus, welche Kategorien Kund:innen bevorzugen, welche Formate (Video, Text) sie bevorzugen, welcher Einkaufstyp sie sind (Premiumkäufer:in oder Schnäppchenjäger:in) und vieles mehr. Mit den so gesammelten […]

The 3-Strike Philosophy of Ecommerce Site Search in the Eyes of B2B Buyers


We hear it at in-person conferences. We see it on our LinkedIn feeds. Long-time practitioners like myself even feel it in our bones. We need to make B2B experiences as easy as B2C.  Unfortunately, the switch to digital has been anything but easy for B2B, primarily because of the way the B2B market typically handles […]

Why B2B Marketing Personalization Should Be a Main Priority For Distributors


It’s no secret that consumers want things fast, easy, and convenient, and why wouldn’t they if most of their daily tasks consist of a few clicks of the mouse? That’s why when it comes to creating your sales pipeline for prospects, user journeys need to be connected, touchpoints need to make sense, and barriers need […]

Life With Bloomreach

Watch this video to learn what your life could look like when you use Bloomreach.