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How Torrid Helps Customers Find What They Want With Bloomreach Discovery

Torrid, an American women’s retailer catering to sizes 10 to 30, is the fastest-growing brand in plus-size fashion with over 400 stores in operation across the United States. 

The company is specifically tailored toward the “young, stylish woman” and offers a wide selection of products to give every customer the right fit.

accurate and consistent site search results
weeks to get the project up and running
search results based on website visitor behavior

The Challenge

Right off the bat, Torrid knew that its goal was not to simply acquire customers based on price or convenience. Instead, the clothing company sought to nurture authentic brand loyalty with a first-rate online experience. 

Not only was it crucial for their site to have an accurate understanding of what users type in the search bar, but it also needed to adjust those results according to overall visitor behavior. By creating a personalized shopping experience, Torrid could retain a loyal customer base and gain new ones.

The Solution

Torrid decided to use Bloomreach Discovery to better understand site search behavior. With the data collected, the subsequent results could be adjusted accordingly and catered to the particular user.

This positioned Torrid to maintain accurate and consistent site search results for customers. In personalizing the online experience, the popular retailer was also able to increase shopping cart conversion rates. 

Bloomreach Discovery only took six weeks to implement and had a huge impact on Torrid’s mission to anticipate and predict product popularity and consumer behavior. Customers can find what they want to purchase and also easily stumble upon products they didn’t even realize they wanted.

The Results

Now, Torrid equips customers with a robust search engine on its website. By guiding the visitor to the correct products, and even planting targeted ones in search, Torrid sees impressive results time and again. 

With the help of Bloomreach, Torrid merchandisers and marketers can place the right product in the right hands at the right time — at scale. Ultimately, this strategy leads to a big return on investment (ROI) for the company.