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Episode 7: Prost! Digital Commerce in Germany

In this episode of ‘The State of Commerce Experience’, Brian explores the state of digital commerce in Germany and how Covid-19 has affected a market where traditional retail chains still dominate, with Sirko Schneppe, Founder and Managing Director of diva-e.
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In today’s episode, Brian speaks with Sirko Schneppe, Founder and Managing Director of diva-e - Germany’s largest independent eCommerce agency.

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Sirko is undoubtedly one of the industry’s most distinguished leaders. 

Episode Highlights

  • Throughout this conversation, Sirko shares his wealth of experience and lessons learned from the German digital commerce landscape, including:
  • How COVID-19 is going to result in a seismic shift in the German marketplace, working practices and consumer behavior, where traditional retail chains and physical cash still dominate.
  • Why Germany’s digital commerce industry relies heavily on B2B companies - the so-called hidden champions – and the opportunities this presents for other businesses looking to enter the market.
  • How the role of consultancies will evolve to help companies implement their digital transformation programs.

This episode is filled with valuable insights and gives you a unique European viewpoint on the changing face of digital commerce. If you’re looking to expand your operations into Germany or other central European markets, this episode is a must-listen.

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Specific things discussed in the show:

If [B2B companies] go online, they can enter markets where they’ve never been before and there are a lot of markets demanding online experiences from them right now.

Meet the speakers

Sirko Schneppe

Founder and Managing Director at diva-e

Sirko has 20 years' professional experience in the online industry, with a focus on eCommerce and digital strategy consulting as well as entrepreneurial leadership. He has experience in managing international software projects, IT product management and building large consulting operations.

Having started his career in product management, Sirko soon after founded and subsequently sold his first consultancy business, Ageto GmbH, to a Canada-based SaaS eCommerce vendor. Following this venture, Sirko co-founded Ageto Service GmbH – an eCommerce and SAP consulting firm for mid-cap clients.

After growing Ageto Service GmbH to over 100 employees, Sirko merged the business with 9 other agencies to form diva-e, which has grown to become Germany’s largest independent eCommerce agency with over 700 consultants.

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