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Episode 6: Transforming Commerce Platform Technology

In this episode of ‘The State of Commerce Experience’, Brian explores the benefits of headless commerce and taking an API-first approach with Dirk Hörig, Founder and CEO of commercetools.
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In today’s episode, Brian speaks with Dirk Hörig, Founder and CEO of commercetools.

Dirk is a true pioneer of the API-first approach. His business, commercetools, has quickly grown from a one-man band to a multinational organization at the forefront of innovation in digital commerce.

Episode Highlights

  • In this insightful conversation, Brian and Dirk touch on a number of topics relating to commerce platform technology, including:
  • How Dirk became a pioneer of the API-first approach and why it’s integral to success in eCommerce.
  • The benefits and misconceptions about headless commerce and how to best articulate its benefits to the key stakeholders in your business.
  • How Covid-19 will shape the future of eCommerce and what this could mean for the adoption of AR and VR over the coming months.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, this episode is full of information about transforming commerce platform technology.

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Specific elements discussed in the show:

There's a misconception that because it's headless, it has nothing to do with the experience. But it’s the opposite. With the headless approach, it's way easier to build a unique experience that is suited to your customers than customizing an existing one.

Meet the speakers

Dirk Hörig

CEO at commercetools

Founder and CEO of commercetools. Pioneer with cloud software in the enterprise market.

commercetools is a provider of an individually customizable commerce solution as Platform-as-a-Service for online retail, mail order operations, online shops, mobile shopping apps, digital shopping windows and many more. He grew commercetools from 3 to 200 employees with offices in Europe, US and APAC. Customers are companies like Audi, Cimpress, Rewe, Carhartt, Hasbro, VW and many more.

commercetools delivered the first enterprise commerce platform with an API-first approach de-coupling shopping frontends and business logic. They help large retailers to move from monolithic architectures to modern Micro-Service environments to provide them agility and flexibility.

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