Pricing That Ties Directly to Revenue

With data-driven marketing,you can attribute every conversion to a customer action. Enter your key metrics to get monthly data recommendations that drive higher revenue and long-term ROI. 

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Bloomreach’s Event-Based Pricing Model

Your data usage is measured by events, an easy-to-manage metric that rolls all your data points into one measurable unit. When predicting usage based on events to estimate pricing, you get maximum flexibility across all your channels, touchpoints, and use case needs. Our goal is to ensure that your usage always matches your business growth — more events equate to higher customer engagement and more revenue generated.

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We offer the support you need to connect with your customers, from insights to orchestration.

Estimate Your Data Usage To Manage Your Costs


The estimate we provide you in this calculator is built entirely on your data, using best practice calculations for clients of your size with a built-in buffer for variance and future growth. Plug in your monthly metrics to calculate your events required, get a breakdown of your first year with Bloomreach, and forecast growth. The more data you provide, the more precise your prediction will be.

You’re Always in Control

Bloomreach offers the tools you need to understand the full scope of your usage and maintain it on a granular level.


Set Event Expirations in the Data Manager

Don’t get bogged down by unnecessary storage. You have total ownership over your data, including the ability to delete and set automatic expirations for events.

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Easily Keep Tabs on Your Data Usage

Get a full, transparent breakdown of your monthly processed events, outgoing communications, and data storage in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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You’re Never on Your Own

Your dedicated customer success manager is always at hand, keeping tabs and ensuring your data usage is in line with your metrics and growth.

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Don’t forget to share your findings with your Sales Representative.

Message Less, Convert More

You don’t need to overwhelm your audience with campaign after campaign (and drive unnecessary usage) — with Bloomreach, you can personalize your marketing to reach the right customer with the right message at the right time by only sending the campaigns that matter.

Send Fewer Emails, Generate More Revenue With Bloomreach

We realize that might be counterintuitive. But when you can personalize the content, cadence, and timing of every email for every customer, you only need to send the ones that matter. Here’s how Proffsmagasinet revamped its email strategy to double conversion rates.

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Learn How to Master Email Deliverability

Build Efficient, Effective SMS Strategies With Bloomreach

The best SMS campaigns are targeted, timely, and tailored to each recipient. When your texts are fueled by all your customer data across all your channels, you can send fewer messages and convert more by making every campaign count. Learn all about the revenue-driving SMS best practices you can put in place to make an impact today.

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Event-Based Model Definitions

What are Events?

All your data points rolled into a single, comprehensive metric consisting of non-duplicated attributions.

“Monthly processed events” refers to all data points (events) created in the respective calendar month.

“Maximum event storage” refers to the maximum amount of data points (events) that can be stored in the Bloomreach platform at any given time.

Life With Bloomreach

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