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“Our people mission is to become the most impactful professional experience of your career.”

“We look for people with a growth mindset, for people who understand that the status quo is not the final destination. Our people can grow by putting themselves out there, taking risks, failing, and learning. On our end, we want to empower Bloomreachers by giving them the freedom, the tools, and the support they need to accelerate their careers. We hire people, not numbers. We look for potential and passion, not only for skills. No matter the background, experience, and expectations, we want to provide our employees with the most needed foundations to enable them to grow. That’s what makes us different.“


Ursula Kralova

Chief People Officer, Bloomreach


Our Culture


Living Our Values Through Key Behaviors


We are honest at all times and as transparent as can be.

We care enough to challenge when it matters. We do so without delays even when we are speaking to more senior people. 

We make fact-based decisions.


We ensure that every activity has a clear and empowered owner. We deliver on promises, even if that means working across areas beyond our job.

We build to scale – we ruthlessly prioritize the most critical, we document our knowledge and processes, and spend only when we create significant value. 


We work together for a common purpose. We are resilient through challenging and changing times. We celebrate each other’s achievements. 

Our success starts with creating outsize value for our customers.


For critical, irreversible decisions (type 1), we move forward with caution and seek diverse opinions. We move fast when making easily reversible decisions (type 2). 

We look for improvements with potential for significant impact. We understand that some experiments fail, we learn from them quickly.

No Drama

We treat everyone with respect, listen to understand, and assume good intentions. We expect and accept feedback. We do not tolerate playing office politics or making things personal. We communicate well to prevent unnecessary drama.

Our Perks and Benefits

Stock Equity Plan

One of Bloomreach’s core values is OWN. As Bloomreach grows and becomes more valuable, we want all of our employees to have a share in the success through ownership of Bloomreach stock. An OWNership mindset drives team members to think like true owners in how they operate in their day-to-day roles and in how we serve our customers.

Resident Coach

Our resident coach is an experienced communication and decision-making expert, available to help employees work through any personal or professional challenges.

Leadership Development Program

Managers are the key to the company’s success. We develop our managers across several key dimensions through regular feedback surveys, mentoring, and educational resources.

Company Performance Bonus

At Bloomreach, everyone participates in the company’s success—not just through stock options, but also through regular bonuses, paid out every 6 months.

DisConnect Days

We’ve learned that the boundaries between work and life have blurred. Therefore, we provide one “DisConnect Day” each quarter, where the company shuts down so our people can enjoy time to relax and recharge.

Education Budget

Bloomreachers are granted an education stipend which renews each year. Buy some books, take an NLP class, or join a networking group!

Enjoy a Remote-First Approach

Bloomreach believes that productive work can take place anywhere. Our remote-first approach allows us to recruit the best talent in the US, EU, and India. And while we have a number of global offices, our people have the flexibility to choose if that setting is right for them. So if you miss office chairs and water cooler chat, great, we’re excited to see you in person! If the furthest commute you’re willing to make is from your bed to the living room, great, we’re excited to see you on Zoom!


Our Departments and People


The operations department consists of professional services, customer support, customer success, customer education, and information security and compliance teams.

The operations department consists of professional services, customer support, customer success, customer education, and information security and compliance teams.



The product department consists of 5 teams. Three teams develop our product pillars: discovery, content, engagement. The design and product marketing teams are supporting all three pillars.

The product people are the bridge between marketing, sales, operations, and engineering. They are the brilliant minds that keep improving our products.



The G&A department consists of the finance and the people teams. While finance focuses on the numbers in the company’s overall performance, the people team focuses on supporting our ever growing pool of talent.

Both through numbers and people, the G&A department has the unique experience of building a rapidly growing, complex software company.



The marketing department focuses on designing and promoting our brand, generating content and leads, and, finally, on advising our prospects on marketing technology. We also have a team specifically focused on customer and partner marketing.

Marketing is the home of all the creative and numbers-focused people who love creating buzz around Bloomreach.



The sales department consists of new sales, solution consultants, and account managers. We also have teams specifically focused on partners and sales operations.

Sales is all about understanding our customers and bringing people together to design the right solutions and bring real, measurable value, quickly.



Engineering consists of several teams, each building one of our product pillars or supporting all the products with a specific function.

Engineers are the backbone of our product. Thanks to them, the product keeps growing and improving.


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