Elevating Travel and Hospitality Experiences With Bloomreach’s Grouping by Attribute Feature

Jan Bělohlávek 
Jan Bělohlávek 

At Bloomreach, our mission is to empower businesses in the travel, hospitality, insurance, and other service-based industries to deliver exceptional pre-sales and post-sales experiences. We’re committed to helping our clients delight their customers through personalized messages, content, and recommendations. To achieve this, we continuously innovate and develop features that address the real-world challenges our clients face.

The Challenge: The Ever-Evolving World of Travel and Hospitality

Imagine you’re a travel agency, and your customers can modify their flight bookings multiple times before their journey begins. Every change, whether it’s a destination update or adding extra luggage, is tracked as an event in your customer data platform (CDP). This presents a challenge — how do you connect these events to the original booking and keep track of the latest status?

Common travel data points to keep track of

The Solution: Introducing Grouping by Attribute

We’re excited to introduce our latest feature: grouping by attribute. This powerful addition to the Bloomreach platform allows our clients to group events by a unique identifier, such as a booking ID. What sets this feature apart is its ability to consider only the first or last event within each group.

Putting Insights in Your Hands

With grouping by attribute, our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the current status, destination, price, or any other information related to a particular flight, booking, trip, or contract. It’s a game-changer that enables businesses to answer crucial questions tailored to their industry with the most up-to-date information:

  • Who are the customers flying to Spain next week?
  • How many active trips does this customer have?
  • What is the most traveled-to destination?

All the outputs will offer the most current data, taking into account all the changes in individual bookings that may have occurred over a certain period of time.

Watch this video to see how the feature works:

Improve Your Customer Experience With Bloomreach

At Bloomreach, we’re committed to empowering our clients with cutting-edge solutions that tackle their real-world challenges. Grouping by attribute is just one example of how we strive to make your customer data work for you, enabling you to provide seamless, personalized experiences that keep your customers coming back for more. 

All of this is made possible by Loomi, the AI built for ecommerce that connects and powers all of our solutions. The customer data engine that fuels Loomi helps unify your data in real time so that you can provide truly exceptional customer experiences — no matter what industry you’re in. Find out what else you can do with Bloomreach’s AI by exploring our use cases

AI travel and hospitality use cases with Bloomreach


Jan Bělohlávek 

Product Manager at Bloomreach

Jan is a Bloomreach Product Manager with a passion for the digital world and a talent for solving customer problems. Jan’s customer-focused approach ensures Bloomreach consistently delivers delightful solutions that save customers time and stress. Jan truly loves working in product management and always seeks ways to enhance the customer experience.

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