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Grow Organic Traffic by Optimizing for the Long-Tail

Bloomreach SEO Module

Enhance the work of your SEO team with AI-powered SEO automation to target the most profitable keywords, the long-tail, and turn more clicks into sales.

The Big Data Challenge of SEO

You carry thousands of products and customers describe a single product in hundreds of different ways. The most profitable keywords are in the long-tail, but you don’t have the people or hours to target them. The long-tail is a big data challenge. 

Use AI-powered SEO Automation to Help Your Products Get Discovered

Internal linking is an important and fundamental SEO principle, but it’s impossible to do well for the number of products you carry. Likewise, building the right landing pages to fill in content gaps becomes unreachable. You need technology to help scale your efforts and lower your acquisition costs.

Increase both the quality and quantity of website traffic and exposure to your brand through non-paid search engine results. Get your products found faster by more visitors.

A Two-fold Approach to SEO

Bloomreach SEO is a powerful module of the Bloomreach Experience Platform. Built for commerce sites to maximize the footprint of their catalog on search engines and drive more traffic, Bloomreach amplifies findability in two ways:

Optimize for long-tail

Bloomreach SEO indexes the web to understand what customers are looking for and all the ways they are searching for these products. It helps you capture this demand by optimizing your site for long-tail queries.

Improve link structure

By improving the link structure of the site, enriching its existing content and creating new landing pages to fill content gaps, Bloomreach SEO helps scale your efforts and drive more organic traffic to your site.

How does Bloomreach SEO work?

Related Products Enhances Content Richness

Pages become discoverable for more terms by taking your existing content and adding it to relevant pages on your site.

Related Search Flattens Site Structure

Related Search makes your pages more crawlable by intelligently linking relevant high ranking and low ranking pages across your site.

Thematic Pages Launches New Pages to Capture Unmet Demand

We identify popular search terms and if no landing page exists on your site, we aggregate relevant products into a new page which can be found through organic search.

Automation Ensures Products Are Always Fresh

By communicating with your product feed, Bloomreach identifies when products are out-of-stock and automatically replaces these with relevant items ensuring thematic pages are always up-to-date.

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