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Bloomreach, a spotlight SAP App Center partner, offers a dedicated ‘Commerce Experience Accelerator’ for SAP Commerce Cloud that allows businesses to quickly connect to the Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud to create personalized digital buying experiences for their customers.

This new accelerator consists of three major components:

  1. A Commerce Connector, which is a GraphQL-based front-end integration that enables SAP Commerce Cloud to run headless,

  2. A Product Feed Connector, to utilize the product feed from SAP Commerce and import into the brX Search and Merchandising modules, and

  3. A React-based SPA Reference Storefronts for B2B and B2C to enable companies to go-live fast.  Bloomreach, through its React, Vue and Angular SDKs, supports SAP Spartacus and other SPAs seamlessly while providing choice and flexibility for enterprise customers.


Grow revenue by 10-15% with AI-powered Search

Solve your product discovery challenges & see revenue impact within months with Bloomreach Search. Use AI/ML to reduce time spent manually tuning your search, gain semantic understanding to deliver relevant recall and ranking, and benefit from 10+ years of R&D investment.

Build personalized & dynamic digital experiences

Blend content and commerce across the entire buyers journey & provide 1:1 personalization for all visitors & customers. Easily combine content items such as blogs, landing pages, and product detail pages with intelligent product grids to match products to user intent.

Maximize your SAP Commerce investment

Easily integrate with SAP Commerce without replatforming. Get started quickly on building innovative digital experiences on top of your existing commerce infrastructure, providing additional return on your SAP investment.


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