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Company Description:

From transactional email to marketing email, Mailgun by Sinch is an Email Service Provider (ESP) offering a full suite of solutions to cover the entire email sending journey. Mailgun has everything you need to send, receive, track and optimize email, including: Inbox Placement, Email Validations, Send Time Optimization, and hands-on deliverability support. It is easy to integrate with any application, we support RestFUL API & SMTP connections, and we have documentation available for most programming languages, including Python, Ruby, Go,  and Java. 


Our solutions help marketers, developers, and product leaders accelerate their business growth with email. Mailgun by Sinch is a great fit for enterprises that send millions (and even billions) of emails a month. With intelligent queue management, Mailgun creates a dedicated sending pipeline businesses can use to send up to 1,200,000 messages per minute – that’s 72 million messages per hour.


Solution Overview:

  • Rapid Fire SLA: As soon as Mailgun accepts your email, we’ll send 99% of messages in less than five minutes of receipt to your intended recipients’ email accounts.

  • Email API: Send transactional or bulk email effortlessly with our SMTP relay and flexible HTTP API.

  • Validations: Mailgun uses data gathered from 15 billion emails sent monthly to develop the fastest and most accurate email validation API in the industry.

  • Deliverability: Get the tools and support you need to manage the lifecycle of your email program, from custom IP warmup plans to reputation management.

  • Advanced Email Analytics: Track engagement metrics like opens and clicks or use machine learning to determine the best time to send your emails.

  • EU Datacenters: If your business needs to meet European data privacy standards, Pathwire is your only choice. Our EU DCs help you on your path to GDPR compliance


Products Key Benefits:

  • Predict email delivery issues and take action to improve email performance before you send.

  • Email validations can lower bounce rates by 20%+

  • Track engagement metrics like opens and clicks, use precise data to determine the best time to send your emails, and dig into performance by device, location, and mailbox provider.

  • Monitor every IP address you have against our curated list of blocklist providers to make sure you aren’t being blocked. Receive email notifications when an IP becomes listed so you can take immediate action to solve the issue.

  • With Mailgun’s Deliverability Services, you get a dedicated advisor, a tailored solution, and an email deliverability strategy suited to your business and your goals.

  • With Inbox Ready, our deliverability suite, you can predict inbox deliverability issues and take action to improve performance before sending an email.

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