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Company Description:

Limelight is an industry-leader in content delivery and AppOps at the edge that provides powerful tools and a client-first approach to optimize and deliver digital experiences at the edge. We are a trusted partner to the world’s biggest brands and serve their global customers with experiences such as livestream sporting events, global movie launches, video games or file downloads for new phone apps. Limelight offers one of the largest, best-optimized private networks coupled with a global team of industry experts to provide edge services that are fast, secure and reliable. 


Solution Overview:

Layer0 by Limelight is the development and delivery solution for the future of web applications. It reimagines the CDN and application delivery from the developer’s perspective by integrating edge logic into application code and extends the edge to the browser. As a result, teams can release up to twice as fast and websites can deliver sub-second page loads. 


Product Key Benefits: Layer0 by Limelight capabilities include:

  • World’s second-largest global, private edge caching network

  • EdgeJS, the world’s first JavaScript-configured CDN

  • The industry’s lowest latency edge logic

  • Serverless compute that is easy to deploy and debug

  • DDoS, WAF, and bot-detection capabilities

  • Emulation of the edge on developers’ local machines

  • Edge enablement of 15 frontend frameworks, including React, Vue, Next.js, Nuxt.js, and Svelte

  • Point-and-click split testing and feature management at the edge

  • Integrated observability suite

  • Intuitive and actionable real-user measurement (RUM) performance monitoring built to improve SEO and search ranking

  • Integration with CI/CD workflows that automatically deploy every GitHub commit of edge and serverless code to separate URLs

  • Jamstack support that enables large, dynamic sites to harness the developer productivity, security, and performance benefits of Jamstack architecture previously only available for static websites

  • Automatic SSL and custom domains

  • Intelligent prefetching that extends the edge to the web browser

  • Self-service support for every capability and complete documentation


Learn more about the Layer0 by Limelight platform here.



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