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WeAgency is a full-stack CRM-marketing agency which helps clients win customers by creating a unified system of communication throughout the lifecycle. 

We use expertise and modern technologies to improve our efficiency: selection of personal recommendations, automated behavioral chains, machine learning, and many others. Our main direct channels: Email marketing, Mobile engagement (short messages and push notifications), Social Ads and Retargeting, Web push, Lead generation, Landing pages, SMS, Google ads 

WeAgency was established in November 2013 with the main purpose to help other companies to deal with email marketing. The main part of a team came from Groupon, where they managed to build and automatize communications using emails with more than 20 million subscribers (at its maximum the number of newsletters was reaching 200 million per month). For today we are preparing about 500 email templates per month, a few hundreds of thousands of short messages, and the same amount of push notifications for different customers, starting from big retails and ending with airline companies. 

Portfolio. We operate both with big companies and middle companies. We have developed CRM marketing and email communications for Philip Morris (especially for IQOS), J&J, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Bonduelle, Legionfarm, and others. We have a successful series of implementation email CMS templates for airline company and companies from the B2B segment. We are working with food retail companies, marketplaces, airline companies and the biggest real estate developers. WeAgency has almost 10 years’ experience in developing CRM/Email marketing strategies and CRM promotional campaigns. 



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