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About theFactor.e

theFactor.e is a full service digital agency. We exist since 1995 and have offices in Groningen and Amsterdam, with more than 70 employees in total.

We are experts in creating and developing websites, platforms, apps and other digital products. In addition, we are experienced in hosting solutions, strategy and optimization. What differentiates us from other agencies is that our main focus lies in creating business value and co-creating with our clients, resulting in user friendly digital solutions. You will find our products in different kinds of sectors such as finance, healthcare, government and education.

We frequently do usability tests with the end-users of our clients to optimize their digital products. In fact, we do not design or create anything without involving actual customers, because they are the experts on how to use the digital product. All tests take pace in “Billy”, our usability lab on four wheels.

What can you expect from a project with us? In every phase you and your stakeholders are highly involved in strategy, design, development and optimization. Our ultimate goal is that you will learn, grow and take control over your digital channels. Get in touch to get acquainted!



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