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About Gradient Edge

At Gradient Edge we are a product engineering organisation at heart.  

With an innovative focus combining commerce, content, data and machine learning architectures, we develop products and provide expert consulting services to enable the next generation of digital commerce and data-driven customer experiences.

Our expert team has developed best-in-class products and led engineering implementations at over 25 of Europe’s largest digital commerce programmes. Our work covers all the main industry verticals including Retail, Consumer Products, Travel and Telco. We have developed award-winning solutions across B2C, B2B and marketplaces.

We are passionate about cloud-native, API-first customer experiences, and have built our own best-of-breed headless commerce accelerator platform that combines the digital experience capabilities of BloomReach with best-in-class commerce, data and AI services – all highly configurable and built on best practice devOps/cloudOps foundations to quicken your time to market.

We believe in using small, highly skilled teams to deliver world class software. Our services philosophy is to be as lean as possible, seamlessly augmenting your in-house engineering capability. Our mindset is to provide strong architecture oversight and development expertise to support your team in delivering a sustainable platform and self-sufficiency.

Great people deliver great software projects.



Gradient Edge

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