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Conversion Lab Consultancy

São Paulo, Brazil
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We are a multidisciplinary and hands-on consultancy from Brazil focused on Ecommerce Growth, Conversion Copywriting, Conversion Optimization (CRO), and One-to-one Personalization strategies.

We know how to ask the right questions. Our work is profound and differentiated. You can feel that in the first meeting.

The JTBD methodology is the foundation of our processes.

A Harvard Business School professor, Clayton Christensen, introduced the concept of Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD).

As Christensen et al. explain: "When we buy a product, we essentially "hire" it to help us do a job, a progress in our life. If it does the job well, we'll hire it again. If it does a crummy job, we "fire" it and look for something else to solve the problem."

We use the framework to deeply understand the context and progress that your customer who has already purchased your product or service wanted.

We interview customers for 45 minutes and identify the entire buying journey, their real needs, motivations, real competitors, and objections. All this learning is used to perform our four services described below.

We use Bloomreach's powerful tools to execute one-to-one personalization strategies to deliver an individual-level digital experience for your customers.

We operate on four fronts:

Ecommerce growth: Increase purchase frequency (RFM) and average ticket and optimize customer acquisition (CLV). Acquire better customers, Prevent customers from churning, Onboard high-potential customers better, and Re-engage customers that matter.

Conversion Copywriting: Communication intelligence that brings the most relevant and clear message to your client connected with the context and stage of awareness.

Conversion Optimization (CRO) - optimize your website to make it more profitable and to grow. CRO is a way of approaching your website in which we collect data to understand how changes to your website will impact your visitors and, thus, their willingness to buy from you.

One-to-One Personalization: Orchestrate multiple personalized buyer journeys in real-time. Building dynamic, scalable real-time shopping experiences, Differentiate customers from non-customer, Customize the experience by location, Customize Experience by Journey, and Differentiate first access and returning experience.

Stop trying to grow your business in the same traditional ways.

Core Capabilities