Sitemorse and Bloomreach announce strategic technology partnership to bring real-time digital experience reporting within a DXP for the first time


LONDON — November 7, 2019 — Bloomreach, a leading digital customer and commerce experience software provider, and Sitemorse, a pioneer in the automated digital compliance and experience testing space, today announced a strategic technology partnership that will enable Bloomreach customers to leverage the power of Sitemorse from within the Bloomreach Digital Experience Platform, brX.

Ensuring there is a high quality, consistent customer experience across multiple digital channels is a given for global brands and smaller organisations alike. However, the complexity of a typical company’s digital footprint and the sheer velocity and quantity of brand messages mean that digital teams can find it extremely challenging to effectively manage customer experiences. Using Sitemorse seamlessly with Bloomreach provides a new, significant step in giving teams complete control over their content. At last digital managers have a combined tool that can help ensure content is always on brand, fully compliant and meets required publishing standards.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Sitemorse, being able to offer their automated digital compliance and experience testing tools within the context of our platform,” said Chris Gardner, Global Technology Alliances Director at Bloomreach. “With the complexity of any company’s digital footprint increasing day by day, making our users’ lives easier is amongst our highest priorities. The ability to ensure the quality and consistency of their customer experience across multiple digital channels without the hassle of switching between dashboards makes this partnership hugely impactful.”

Sitemorse founder and CEO Lawrence Shaw commented “We’re excited about our partnership with Bloomreach, working alongside one of the world’s leading customer digital experience providers to help digital teams deliver great results. Just like Bloomreach, we strive to help teams work better and move faster while removing daily frustrations. The complementary nature of the products, the easy set-up and the ability to view user experience testing from within one platform, provides an incredible opportunity for teams to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.”

Better publishing, faster

The combination of Bloomreach and Sitemorse is the first service to deliver full content control and user experience testing in one package, leading to better and faster publishing.  

With Sitemorse’s automated content assessments being applied to pages before they go live, digital customer experiences are significantly enhanced. Digital teams can publish content with improved quality and full compliance on areas such as accessibility, all with correct branding applied. Teams can also ensure every page is fully optimised for search, eliminating tiny errors like spelling mistakes that play havoc with search optimisation.

As content publishers can get their content right the first time and can access everything through one user interface, it also means publishing processes are increasingly streamlined, faster and more efficient. Digital teams are effectively upskilled and become more confident, experiencing just-in-time training as team members fix targeted, priority content issues on a regular basis, supplemented with bite-sized ‘how-to’ videos if needed. Teams soon learn to prevent any mistakes in their content when it is first created while simultaneously learning about issues such as accessibility.

With accessibility litigation rife and customer expectations high, the combination of Bloomreach’s powerful publishing capability and Sitemorse’s automated assessments offers a major step forward in training and supporting digital teams to navigate the complexities of managing customer experiences. 

A better customer experience

Bloomreach clients will benefit from Sitemorse’s ability to assess pages before they go live, ensuring the best possible content is presented to customers. When Bloomreach and Sitemorse are used together, teams have access to a highly effective Customer Experience Management platform with key factors such as SEO and page performance taken into account.  

Sitemorse provides extra protection through the continuous recording of page changes and updates from within Bloomreach, including the ability to access a complete archive of pages with full styling applied. This capability can prove essential for ecommerce and retail clients where it is always prudent to keep a record of all sales offers, product updates and even terms of sale that have been presented externally. 

Sitemorse’s recording capability is also very useful for regulated industries where organisations need to show records of changes made across digital platforms.

Easy and straightforward

The process for connecting Sitemorse with Bloomreach is straightforward and quick, taking less than half a day to get the products working together, leveraging Bloomreach’s powerful open architecture that enables easy integration with third party tools.

In its recent product launch, Bloomreach rolled out a novelty open UI that enables external systems like Sitemorse to easily integrate into the Bloomreach interface, creating a single place to manage all digital experience functions. Web editors can now manage areas such as auditing, analytics or site optimization without leaving their authoring environment, meaning they can stay within the context of their activity.

The fact that the powerful Sitemorse assessment capabilities can be integrated into the Bloomreach platform within hours, demonstrates how a process that is usually very time consuming, costly and in large parts manual can now be automated. 

This video shows how Sitemorse and Bloomreach are experienced together.

About Sitemorse

Sitemorse is a UK-registered company and is 100% privately owned, with no external investors. The only shareholders are staff. There is no bank borrowing, overdraft or external funding. Although UK based, we have clients around the world.

We built, and own, the software and are not answerable to any venture capital firm or similar, in terms of the operation and management of the company. The founders of the business remain part and parcel of the running of the company, today – and it is probably the first company to bring automation to the digital governance market (with our first services running nearly 15 years ago and our oldest current client joining us 13 years ago).

Sitemorse provides content QA & digital governance software, along with being the first to introduce Data Science and Machine intelligence capabilities. For more information, visit

About Bloomreach

Bloomreach software enables highly personalized digital experiences for retailers, brands, distributors, manufacturers and a diverse set of businesses and organizations around the world. Its flagship product, brX, is an API-first digital experience cloud that combines AI-driven search and merchandising, rich personalization, and next-gen content-as-a-service (CMS) capabilities. brX accelerates conversions, increases revenue, and provides real time insights for business goals. With a global network of certified partners, Bloomreach serves hundreds of large and medium enterprise customers such as Neiman Marcus, Puma, Marks & Spencer, HD Supply, and FC Bayern München. Gartner and Forrester have both recognized Bloomreach as a key player in their respective vendor evaluations for Digital Experience Platforms. For more information, visit

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