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Jul 12, 2016

Hippo Goes Cloud-First for Unprecedented DX Agility

Hippo, the digital experience (DX) platform provider, is poised to revolutionize customer experience delivery with their latest product release, featuring the launch of their cloud-based platform, Hippo onDemand.

Designed to transform digital business ecosystems into fast, flexible, and responsive digital experiences, Hippo onDemand leverages all the benefits of the cloud while eliminating the hurdles that enterprises face with other cloud offerings.

Built for speed:

To compete in today’s digital world, businesses need the freedom and agility to innovate quickly in rapidly evolving markets. Current digital experience cloud offerings either restrict build freedom or don’t provide the requisite agility, requiring time-intensive custom builds or complex workarounds for inflexible platforms. Hippo onDemand removes operational bottlenecks by offering a ready-to-use enterprise cloud platform which provides total build freedom and flexibility via an open REST API-driven microservices architecture, supporting interoperability with third-party data and business solutions, and scaling easily to support unlimited cross-channel growth.

“Businesses compete on digital experience. Hippo onDemand is the warp drive of digital experience innovation.” says Hippo CTO Arjé Cahn, “Industry leaders need to be able to take advantage of the latest technologies to create an experience that is unique to their brand and relevant to each individual customer. In a market shifting towards cloud solutions, a modern, agile, approach to digital experiences is what digital teams require. One-size-fits-all cloud offerings do not allow them to build differentiating experiences, and custom hosted solutions limit the speed at which new digital initiatives can be introduced. We see some of our customers successfully rolling out new functionality dozens of times per day. With the Hippo onDemand platform, they are in full control.”

World-class technology:

Built on Amazon AWS and docker technology, Hippo onDemand allows businesses to instantly build, test, and deploy digital experiences globally across multiple channels, for unprecedented agility. Businesses can monitor the Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production (DTAP) or systems development life cycle (SDLC) pipeline, run multiple environments simultaneously, migrate from on-premise to cloud in minutes, and REST APIs allow Hippo to easily fit into Continuous Delivery environments, supporting rapid development cycles for all teams. The open architecture of Hippo onDemand provides interoperability with third-party data and solutions for seamless connectivity with the overall organization.

Supporting global enterprises:

In an increasingly globalized world, businesses must have the capacity to operate in an international context. Hippo onDemand allows businesses to leverage the speed and accessibility of the cloud to support the ongoing globalization of business. In this latest release, Hippo’s strength in multilingual experience delivery is strengthened by localization of the user interface and improved time zone support for global collaboration. These global-focused updates, along with improvements to Hippo’s personalization engine, give businesses the control to perfect the digital experience for customers in every corner of the world. The latest product version can leverage the global advantages of the cloud through Hippo onDemand or can be run on-premise.

To learn more about how businesses can use agile digital experience platforms to fuel business success, and see how Hippo onDemand works to power the agile business revolution, view the webinar with Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer at the Content Marketing Institute and Hippo's Director of Product Management, Mark Peerdeman, on the keys to digital transformation.

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